[Blueboard] TRAFFIC BULLETIN - Thursday, 18 June 2009

Irine Escuadro iescuadro at ateneo.edu
Thu Jun 18 12:12:15 PHT 2009

(Thursday, 18 June 2009)

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MMDA made changes yesterday in the U-turns along Katipunan Avenue with the
intention of improving traffic flow.  This was the information MMDA relayed
to Ateneo.  There were also other changes made by MMDA.  Among these are:

1.	Opening of U-turn in front of Miriam College's Gate 1 shown in the
pictures below:
2.	MMDA also opened another U-turn at the junction of Katipunan Avenue
and Mangyan Road near the Petron Gas Station.
3.	Removed Ateneo's barrier outside Gate 3.5 at 7:40 p.m. last night.
The reason was to facilitate the flow of traffic on Katipunan Avenue.  The
area outside of Gate 3.5 without the barriers is shown in the pictures
Changes introduced by MMDA adversely affected traffic yesterday afternoon
and this morning.  This concern has been raised with MMDA when they visited
the area at the height of the traffic gridlock this morning.  MMDA General
Manager Robert C. Nacianceno relayed to Ateneo that MMDA's mandate is to
improve traffic flow and will make the necessary adjustments to improve
traffic.  Mr. Nacianceno will keep Ateneo posted with developments.  

Changes were made at 11:00 a.m. today when the U-turn in front of Miriam
College's Gate 1 was opened for northbound vehicle to make a U-turn to the
south.  Earlier this U-turn was only for the use of southbound vehicles.
This will be observed if traffic will improve.

Traffic updates will be posted as needed.


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