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(Monday, 8 June 2009)

The Situation Report of 8 June 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at

It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

The sequential start of classes this school year may minimize heavy traffic
associated with the start of the school year at the Loyola Heights campus in
the morning and in the afternoon.
The schedule of the start of classes this week is as follows:
Ateneo de Manila University:
o	High School (2,300 students):		 	  	4 June
o	Grade School (4,274 students):	
o	Primary School (2,132 students):		  	8 
o	Middle School (2,142 students):		  	10 

Miriam College:
o	College and High School:				9 June  
o	Grade School
o	Prep to Grade 2:						10  
o	Grade 3 to 7:						11 

Kostka School
o	Grade School and High School			  	9 June
In previous years morning rush hour traffic was between 6:30 to 8:25 a.m.
This year Grade School students should still be in before 7:15 a.m. and High
School students before 7:45 a.m. for their flag ceremonies.  Where possible,
Grade School and High School students are encouraged to come before the peak
traffic period to avoid the rush and not be late for classes.
Traffic peaks again during dismissal time.  This is particularly true in the
first few days when classes are dismissed early simultaneously.  Large
number of vehicles fetching students strains the carrying capacity of campus
roads and Katipunan.   
This year, the High School and Grade School have staggered their respective
dismissal time, including early dismissal to reduce the number of students
leaving the campus simultaneously.  Below is the dismissal schedule of the
High School and Grade School.  
High School Dismissal Schedule:
Date	Dismissal Time	Year Level 	No. of Students
Monday, 8 Jun	3:50 p.m.	1st year	639
			4:45		2nd year	585
			2:55		3rd year	552
			3:50		4th year	510
Tuesday, 9 Jun	4:45 p.m.	1st year	639
			3:50		2nd year	585
			2:55		3rd year	552
			1:05/2:55	4th year	510
Wednesday, 10 Jun	4:05 p.m.	1st year	639
			3:50		2nd year	585
			2:55/4:05	3rd year	552
			2:55/4:05	4th year	510

Grade School Dismissal Schedule:
Date	Dismissal Time	Grade Level	No. of Students
Mon. & Tues., 8 & 9 Jun	9:30 a.m.	Prep & Grade 1 AM	533
				10:30		Grades 2 & 3	1,070
				2:00 p.m.	Prep & Grade 1 PM 497
Wednesday 10 Jun	9:00 a.m.	Prep & Grade 1 AM	533
			10:00 	Grades 2 & 3	1,070
			11:00 	Grades 6 & 7	1,022
			12:00 noon 	Grades 4 & 5	1,084
			1:30 p.m.	Prep & Grade 1 PM	497

In addition to staggered dismissal time, the High School and the Grade
School also conducted orientation for new students and their parents that
included traffic and parking guidelines on campus.  
The Grade School also launched a new traffic scheme and pedestrian flow
effective 8 June 2009.  Maps of the traffic route have been placed in
carparks near the Grade School complex.  Among the changes introduced by the
Grade School are:

1.  Curbside Drop Off and Pick-Up ONLY and NO Parking along drop off and
pick-up points.  
2.  Designated pedestrian lanes for Grade School students and fetchers.
3.  Pedestrian lanes not to be used by Grade School students for safety
reasons have been identified and appropriate signs posted.
4.  Separate drop off and pick-up points for different Grade levels.

a.	Drop Off and Pick-Up point A is along the covered walk from Gate 1.
This area is also designated parking area for school service vans after 8:00
b.	Drop Off and Pick-Up point B is the covered walk leading all the way
to the canteen.
c.	Drop Off and Pick-Up point C is near Irwin Theatre with the tents
installed to provide cover for students.
d.	Drop Off and Pick-Up point D is in the Inner Driveway near the Old
Prep Wing.  

5.	Vehicles are to enter the pick-up area right at dismissal time only.
6.  Parking areas (SP or school service bus/vans and P1 to P7 shown on the
map in page 3) have been designated for Grade School use only from 5:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
7.  Dedicated parking areas have been designated for exclusive use of Prep
(P1) and Grade 1 (P7) fetchers during dismissal time.

Parking P1 for Prep fetchers and parking P7 for Grade 1 fetchers are shown
on the map on the next page.

2009-2010 GATE PASS STICKERS:  The 2009-10 gate pass stickers are now being
issued.  Please visit:  Sticker Issuance Procedure.  There is No Increase in
the cost of the gate pass stickers.  
Those without gate pass stickers will be required to:  

1.	Present a driver's license or a current ID card with picture. This
will be retained by the guard. 
2.	A visitor's pass will then be issued.
3.	Upon leaving the campus, the driver must surrender the visitor's
pass in the gate where it was given and recover his driver's license or ID.

This procedure slows down the flow of traffic.  Get your gate pass sticker
now and avoid the inconvenience of getting a visitor's pass.  You will also
help ease the flow of traffic on campus.  
Please note that stickers obtained after 30 June 2009 will have a P1,000
Gate pass stickers for school year 2008-2009 will only be honored at the
gates until 30 June 2009.

The number of gate pass stickers issued as of Friday, 5 June is shown below:

School Unit		Issued sticker SY 2008-09 % of sticker issued as of
5 June
Grade School		5,200					45%
High School			2,700					63%
Loyola Schools		8,900					37%


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