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Beginning a New School Year
Posted by thepaddlingduck | Four Years | Friday 5 June 2009 4:11 pm 
Even as I write this post a day late, the strong rains and winds that caused the cancellation of classes today and were also very much present yesterday are still making a mess outside. One who believes in starting off the year right would probably be a little worried at the harsh weather that began with the Ateneo High School SY 2009-2010. And yet, despite the gloomy weather, one might be led to feel optimistic about this year. There are many reasons for that, and there's no need to mention that soon, in a few days, the Ateneo will kick off its grand Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Yet how is everything coping until then? As a high school student who has just begun his last year in the Ateneo High School, I can easily give the well-worn reason of... READ MORE @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=477. 




How will you celebrate our Sesquicentennial kickoff?


v  I will attend the kickoff mass at the Manila Cathedral

v  I will join the Grand Motorcade from Intramuros to Loyola Heights

v  I will watch the fireworks display in Loyola Heights

v  I will pick up my Commemorative items in Ateneo -YEY! 


Cast your vote at http://150.ateneo.edu/blog (left panel)

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