[Blueboard] TRAFFIC BULLETIN - Friday, 27 February 2009

Irine Escuadro iescuadro at ateneo.edu
Fri Feb 27 11:10:32 PHT 2009

(Friday, 27 February 2009)





Traffic at the Loyola Heights campus will be diverted as necessary to give
way to the University Station of the Cross from 4:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m.
today.  The route is along Masterson Drive from the Blue Eagle Gym to the
High School campus, and then back to Bellarmine Field for a candle lightning
ceremony and followed by a mass at the Church of Gesu.


Location of the 14 Stations:


1st Station                            :     Jesus is Condemned to Death

 Location                               :     Side of Blue Eagle Gym

2nd Station                          :     Jesus Carries His Cross

Location                                :     Statue of St. Ignatius along
Masterson Drive

3rd Station                           :     Jesus Falls the First Time

Location                                :     In front of Mateo Ricci near
the football field

4th Station                           :     Jesus Meets His Mother

Location                                :     Intersection of Father
Masterson Drive and Paseo de Reilly

5th Station                           :     Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus to
Carry His Cross

Location                                :     Gate near the College Chapel
in front of the tricycle terminal

6th Station                           :     Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus

Location                                :     Intersection of Father
Masterson Drive and University Road

7th Station                           :     Jesus Falls the Second Time

Location                                :     Waiting shed at the
intersection of Masterson Drive &  Parade Loop

8th Station                           :     Jesus Meets the Women of

Location                                :     In front of the guard house
going to the ITC, HS

9th Station                           :     Jesus Falls a Third Time

Location                                :     In front of the High School
Administration Building

10th Station                         :     Jesus Clothes are Taken Away

Location                                :     In front of the HS 4th year

11th Station                         :     Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Location                                :     EAPI Gate

12th Station                         :     Jesus Dies on the Cross

Location                                :     In front of the crucifix going
to the Jesuit Residence

13th Station                         :     The Body of Jesus is Taken Down
from the Cross

Location                                :     Center of the Bellarmine Field

14th Station                         :     Jesus is Laid in the Tomb

Location                                :     Inside the Church of the Gesu


Final Blessing and Mass      :     Church of the Gesu








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