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Vocation Week
February 16-20, 2009
Ateneo Professional Schools
Rockwell, Makati

Reflection for the 3rd day
(February 18 - shared during the Homily period at 12:15pm Mass)

How your  faith nourished your workplace

I have been a multi-tasking workaholic ever since i could remember. In
my years in college, I held multiple extra-curricular
responsibilities. Today, I have a full-time professional job and while
doing something professionally, some might ask...'How do you do it?'

How do I not?
I've grown used to carrying loads - lots of loads. Ive grown used to
people depending on me. Two aging parents, a wife who worked at night
trying to ease someone else's burden, household bills, personal
problems and  others that just popped up in my everyday life.

Sometimes, I woke up reminiscing when i first got the job in Ateneo
and could never imagine that  i will be a part of it. During my first
years in this school, I always ask if this is really the job I wanted,
the job I really fit in. Monetarily, it's nothing compared to other
multinational companies. And when you're young, all you could ever
think of are things that you  wanted in just one snap. All things that
money can buy, all things that you can brag. Splurge is what they call

There were times when I wanted to quit and look for a job that will
double or triple my pay.

But what make me stick with the job I have?
Will I grow with this job?
Will I be of help to other people, my colleagues?

My purpose.
Lot of questions left unanswered but without knowing, it was all
answered by experiences and lessons I've learned along the way as time
goes by.

I may not be a person who go to church all the time but I always make
God a part of my life because I kept on communicating with Him. I
turned to Him for moral support. My job at first was not suitable to
my course but I took it and learned with His help. We have many skills
but we can't be choosy.

There were times I missed deadlines - days, weeks. Decline in quality
and small but significant mistakes I had overlooked. But I never gave
up. I told myself.. Don't expect to start at the top. Go ahead and
start from the bottom, learn the ropes, be flexible and learn to
adjust to what jobs are available. I don't take easy route, instead of
allowing my fears to control me, I ask for His assistance and guidance
and take the risk. You willnever know if you don't make an effort.

I'm a God-fearing person. And if you are one, integrity comes next and
everything will come and fall into place. I, myself have so many
problems or shortcomings to my family, friends and in my work but I
always duel and confront the situation no matter how hard it is. We
all get moments when we dont 'feel like' doing or caring...we feel
drained and suffocated as if there is no way out. But sometimes God
has to empty you to fill you up again. And that is what I believe in.

Being at work is already part of my system. My colleagues trust me as
I trust them.  I gained lots of friends and lost some. We worked as a
team. We helped each other. We were all born with our own set of
skills, personalities and temperaments. We celebrate each other's
uniqueness and dynamism. Even if we've known each other for years,
know that people can change. We accept each other's differences. And
it's not because we make it work but because HE help us make it work.
He made us strong and dependable through ups and downs. All of us have
our own personal problem but everyone seemed to be very supportive.

Misunderstandings and confrontations happen numerous times but these
are just challenges that bind us together. Being here helped me grow
as a person/helped me develop my skills and with my imperfections I
know I also touched and changed someone else's life.This is the job
that confused me before, but the mere fact that everybody is there for
you and lighten up your workload, then I believe this is the kind of
work/job God has given me.

Through the years, my duties and responsibilities grew and changed.
Being in this institution often means..never giving any attitude when
doing the most insignificant tasks.

Hardwork, determination, perseverance, being able to communicate
effectively and doing what is right can make yourself, your work and
the place you worked in very light. And these can only happen if you
make Him part of your life.

I must admit that for a few, my kind of work is a routine but the
journey is not an easy one. It's a tough career at times, but if this
is your calling, then this will be the kind of hardwork you won't mind

MBA DEgree Program/Faculty Assistant
Ateneo Graaduate School of Business

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