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(Tuesday, 24 February 2009)


The Situation Report of 24 February 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at


It may also be downloaded as a Word file from


POWER:  The power outage at 5:45 p.m. last Friday, 20 February was due to a
short circuit in one of the three high voltage cables near the 5000 KVA
transformer.  The immediate action of SG DANILO M ARCUENO and presence of
mind of Loyola Schools ENGR. SALVADOR P. GRANADA prevented further damage.  


The buildings affected by the short circuit were:  Schmitt Hall, PIPAC,
Faura Hall and De la Costa Hall.  Berchmans Hall was initially believed
among the buildings affected as it had no power but UPP head electrician MR.
ROLANDO P. MALAPITAN found that the building's circuit breaker was turned
off when the short circuit occurred.  


Mr. Malapitan consulted and received approval for remedial action.  The
damaged sections of the cables had to be cut and spliced again.  He called
on ACTech, an electrical contractor to do the work.  Power was restored in
the buildings by 10:50 p.m. of the same day.


1.       The defective sections of the cables are shown being cut off and
the cables spliced by an electrical contractor.

2.       View of the damaged high voltage cables near the transformers.

3.       Burned cables that were cut off.    


TRAFFIC:  The widening of Katipunan Avenue started last Thursday, 12
February.  MMDA cleared the southbound island separating Katipunan Avenue
and the service road.  


MMDA's heavy equipment and personnel are shown preparing the sections where
the island used to be for concrete pouring.


Widening of Katipunan Avenue slowed down traffic but did not cause
accidents.  The car that smashed into a pay loader shown below at 1:50 a.m.
last Tuesday, 17 February was reported by witnesses to have been racing with
another car.  The driver was not injured despite the violent impact that
crumpled the hood of the car.      


The Lancer appears brittle against a parked pay loader.  Miraculously the
driver was only a bit shaken but did not suffer any injuries.   


Normally the bulk of Grade School students are in by 7:15 a.m. and traffic
on campus is cleared at 7:45 a.m.  This was not the case last Thursday, 19
February when a traffic gridlock occurred at 7:20 a.m. on campus and along
Katipunan.  It seems that the traffic gridlock was due to several MMDA
experimental traffic schemes. These were:


1.      A U-turn was opened at T. Castro and Katipunan Avenue (just before
the Quirino Memorial General Hospital).

2.      All vehicles were directed to take the underpass from Libis.

3.      Installing concrete barriers at the C.P. Garcia U-turn (separating
those making a U-turn from those turning left to CP Garcia).


The pictures were taken last Thursday, 19 February of Katipunan and the
campus.  Vehicle build up extended all the way to White Plains in the south
and to Commonwealth Avenue on the north.


The experimental traffic schemes were aborted and traffic improved the
following day although it was still heavier than usual.


Road Repair:  Barangay Loyola Heights Chairman Caesar P. Marquez sent a
notice (Road Repair
<http://www.ateneo.edu/upp/Memo_doc/Road_Repair_230209.doc>  230209) to the
community regarding the road repair and drainage improvement of Rosa Alvero
Street.  Effective yesterday, Monday 23 February until the second week of
March Rosa Alvero Street from Esteban Abada to Xavierville II will be used
as ONE WAY EXIT ONLY. This may result to heavier traffic than usual on
Katipunan Avenue during rush hours.        


Grade School Activity:  The Grade School will have various activities on
Friday, 27 February:

1.      At 7:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Open House/Culminating Activity entitled
P.S. I Love You. Parents and guests are expected to arrive on staggered time
to view exhibits and visit food booths at the Primary School grounds.  

2.      At 3:00 p.m. PS Get-Together at the St. Ignatius quadrangle in front
of the Grade School chapel.

3.      At 4:30 p.m. Grade 4 Father & Son Night entitled Kung Fu Fun Dads
and the Fearless Four. 545 students with their fathers are expected to come.


The University Station of the Cross celebration is scheduled on Friday, 27
February.  The assembly area is at the Blue Eagle Gym (corner Fr. Masterson
Drive and Grade School Lane) at 4:30 p.m.


SECURITY:  At 7:15 p.m. last Thursday, 19 February a college student
reported to security that his laptop was missing.  He claimed that it was
inside his back pack with the bags of his friends at the Loyola Schools
Mountaineers activity at the Cervini field.  A search was conducted but the
laptop could not be found.  


Found and returned: 


1.       Saturday, 14 Feb.: An unidentified honest taxi driver turned over
to MS ARSENIA O. MERCADO, Loyola House of Studies personnel a Canon digital
camera (shown on the 2nd frame). Ms. Mercado turned over the camera to
campus security because the taxi driver claimed that it was left in his taxi
by the passenger he dropped off at Cervini Residence Hall before proceeding
to LHS.

2.       Campus security turned over the camera to the ADSA office shown on
the 3rd frame.

3.       Monday, 16 Feb.: Master PATRICK SANTOS, a Grade School student (no
picture) found a long sleeved shirt at the Blue Eagle Gym parking lot.  He
turned over the shirt to campus security.  Campus security turned it over to
the University Athletics office shown in the last frame.

4.       Wednesday, 18 Feb.: SG BONIFACIO D GAROL found an unlocked car at
the Central carpark with a laptop inside.  He locked the vehicle.


1.       Wednesday, 18 Feb.: An unidentified LS student found a Nokia cell
phone at the lobby of Leong Hall.  He turned it over to campus security.
The owner claimed it at the security office later in the day.

2.       Wednesday, 18 Feb.: SG JAY G DELA CRUZ found a laptop with charger,
t-shirt and books at the SEC walkway.  The owner claimed it at the security
office in the same day.

3.       Thursday, 19 Feb.: An unidentified LS student found a brown wallet
on top of one of the tables at JSEC Mall and turned it over to campus
security.  The owner claimed it at the security office an hour later.

4.       Friday, 20 Feb.:  SG DANILO M ARCUENO found two bags on the 3rd
floor of Berchmans Hall.  It contained a laptop with accessories, books and
an umbrella. The owner claimed them on the same day.

5.        Saturday, 21 Feb.:  SG RONNIE D LAPASTORA endorsed to the security
office a cell phone he found on a sofa at the LS Bookstore.  This was
claimed several hours later by the owner at the security office.  


Jesuit Residence Snake


Monday 23 Feb.:  Jesuit Residence nurse Mr. JONATHAN C. NUNAG notified
campus security of a presence of the constrictor snake near the JR infirmary
forty minutes past midnight.  SG INDION P CREDO (not shown in the picture)
caught the snake and brought it to the security office.  UPP personnel Mr.
Antonio L Vergano & Mr. Higino G. Hermano are shown measuring the 7 foot
"sawa" before turning it over to the Parks and Wildlife Office.


Notice:  The University Physical Plant personnel will go on "Days of Renewal
and Spiritual Journey" from 28 February to 3 March.  


1.	UPP services will be limited on these dates.
2.	For urgent requests involving utilities i.e., power, communication
and water, please contact the Security Office at local 4111 or direct line
3.	Please email important and urgent requests and concerns to
oss at admu.edu.ph on these dates.













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