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Drawing courage from other people
Posted by didith | Plausible Deniability | Tuesday 24 February 2009 3:35 am 
In 2005, DISCS hosted a regional ACM Intercollegiate Programming Competition under the leadership of Dr. Raffy Saldana.  This was, I believe, the biggest departmental project we ever undertook up to that point.  We were looking at hosting about 250 students from all over the Philippines and Asia for what was regarded as the elimination rounds of the Olympics of programming.  Whoever won would move on to the world finals.

The preparations leading up to the contest itself were long, tedious, and difficult, demanding the time and energy of every member of our Department as well as members of the Math Department and the Grade School community.  Although we did our best-and I actually think we did an amazing job-at the end of it all, the other teams and their coaches were merciless in their criticism.  I don't recall anymore what they said, but I do remember feeling disheartened (though maybe not altogether surprised) that people weren't more appreciative of all the work that had gone into organizing such an event.

There was a decision to be made, though.  We had the option of hosting the same contest in 2006.  Would we?  About a month after the...Read on. 

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