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Exit strategy
Posted by didith | Plausible Deniability | Friday 20 February 2009 4:16 am 
When the spring semester began, I asked for permission to sit in three classes-Learning and Motivation, Machine Learning in Practice and Human Computer Interaction for Development.  I will be in the L&M class until the first week of March (I have a report to deliver).  I can actually finish the MLP class because it's online.  Today, though, I attended the HCI4D class for the last time. 

I exited the classroom heavy-hearted.  There was still so much to discuss, so much to learn, so many more opportunities to explore.  I tell myself that would be true whether I stayed here for another five months, five years or five decades-the learning never ends.  Still, almost all endings are sad and it is sad to see this particular foray come to a close.

I'm facing forward, though.  I blogged previously that hoping to bring some projects home.  Yesterday, after weeks of courtship, I was finally given access to the Reading Tutor's install disks! But guess what?...Read on. 

About the Sesqui Blog:

This is the first team blog about the Ateneo de Manila University's Sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary. This is a blog by Ateneans for Ateneans who have been part of this great institution's rich and proud history. We may not all share the same memories across generations and historical eras, but we certainly share the same enduring spirituality, vision and passion, channeled through excellence in one's chosen field, and service to country, community and the other.

Welcome then to all our happy, sad, mundane, ethereal, trivial , profound, etc. chronicles.

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