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On Wednesday, February 18, 2009, from 5.30 pm, six books by Father
Miguel Bernad will be launched at the fourth floor of the Ateneo
Professional Schools, Rockwell Center, Makati City. The special event
has been organized by members of Ateneo AB Class '61, and various

The six books, Father Bernad's latest publications, give readers a
glimpse of the breadth of his scholarly interests, the variety of his
experiences, and the vast reservoir of grace and humor that enlivens
his work and life.

In A NIGHT ON THE LAKE AND OTHER MUSINGS (Giraffe Books) he reflects
on, among  many other things, Cervantes and Charlie Brown, and the
simple beginnings of the Sinulog of Cebu, and remembers how it felt to
be on the Lake of Galilee one dark night standing on the prow of a
modern replica of the fishing boat in Jesus's time.

In UNUSUAL AND ORDINARY (JesCom Foundation), we read about the people
many of us sadly know only as formal names of streets and buildings
(Federico Faura, Teodoro Arvisu, Henry L. Irwin, Joseph Mulry, to cite
a few). All the Jesuits in the book (except two Spaniards) are people
whom Father Bernad knew.

He writes about another much admired Jesuit in a fuller biography,
BENIGNO P. DAGANI,  SJ, 1903-1988 (JesCom Foundation), whose grave in
Buug, Zamboanga del Sur, located on a mound surmounted by a cross, "is
a tribute to the man...whom everyone considered a saint."

Publishers), we see an adventurous and sprightly Father Bernad, at one
time hiking ten miles to Cuzco when his Peruvian train broke down,
finding it serendipitous that a thief on the train had allowed him to
"travel light."

Press) gathers his homilies, addresses, and lectures, a fitting
initial release from the University where he has been teaching and
writing in the last 32 years as Professor of Literature.

Finally THE WAITER AND THE FISHERMAN (Ateneo Press) collects his
essays in literary criticism, some of which go back to the 1950s,
leading one reviewer to question their relevance in this day and age
of cultural studies. In fact, some of Bernad's writings seem to have
predated postcolonial critique, and as the reviewer later affirms,
"the present millennium yet needs the clarity of his critical vision."

The conversations begun in these books continue on Friday, February
20, from 4.30 to 6pm, when students will have the rare privilege of
interacting with Father Bernad about the Ateneo and the Humanities.
This special encounter will be facilitated by Dr. Marlu Vilches, dean
of the School of Humanities of the Loyola Schools, and will be held at
the NGF Conference Room, De la Costa Hall, Loyola Heights campus.

Thank you, we hope to see you!
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