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A C E L T Ateneo Center for English Language Teaching 
Saturday,  28 February 2009                                                 
Escaler Hall, Ateneo de Manila University


Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Isabel Pefianco-Martin     
Professor, English Department
Ateneo de Manila University

Keynote Abstract:
Error? Or Feature of English?
Assessment in the Context of a Changing Language English is a vibrant 
language, changing and morphing to fit the needs of its
users. Because of this, rules concerning English change very rapidly. How do
ELT professionals confront these changes? How do we assess
proficiency in the context of these changes? This presentation is an
invitation to reflect on our assessment practices, on whether or not these
confront the dynamism of the English Language. 


Workshop A
Revisiting Item Writing in the
Language Classroom
–Ms. April Fernandez, Ateneo Language Learning Center

Test results are traditionally a big factor in determining student progress and
achievement. To a very large extent, these results become the basis for 
significant decisions about student learning. Yet, in the language classroom, 
there exists a mutual frustration among students and
teachers with tests. Students are unhappy about them and teachers are
disappointed about students’ performance in them. A possible reason for this 
can be traced to the quality of test items and
rubrics. Answers are vague and meandering because items and rubrics are
unclear and unspecific. This makes students and teachers dissatisfied as test 
results mirror insufficient accomplishment or nonaccomplishment
on both sides. This workshop will address item and rubric writing in teacher-
made language tests to minimize the mutual frustration of students
and teachers with tests. 

Workshop B
Assessing Reading Comprehension
–Ms. Fe de Jesus, Ateneo H.S.

This scenario is rather common among English teachers: as soon as the students
have finished reading the assigned material, we ask them the perennial
question “Did you understand?” Should we believe our students if they respond 
with a perfect nod? Or should we always just have to quiz them right away? It 
has been observed that students cannot verbalize what they do not understand 
and may NOT even realize that they do not understand it! Sometimes they can 
read a passage fluently, yet not have a clue what the text meant. To get them 
involved in demonstrating their understanding, this workshop IS for you.

Workshop C
Self-assessment= Teacher + Students
--Ms. Pamela Yu, U.P. Manila

Self-evaluation, as a process and an activity, complements existing standards
of measurement at school. Its implementation in the language classroom 
provides an opportunity for students to understand their learning
problems and achievements, and recognizes their responsibility in the
learning process. Working towards the goal of strategic teaching and learning,
this session focuses on the collaborative nature of self-assessment. It 
presents teacher-guided and learner-initiated assessment strategies, proposes 
steps in facilitating self-evaluation, and offers sample assessment rubrics to 
help develop students’ motivation and participation in their own language

Workshop D
Testing Communicative Grammar
--Dr. Elineth Suarez, Ateneo School of Humanities

How can we test grammar communicatively? Do our tests match our espoused 
Communicative Language Teaching methodology? This seminarworkshop
sheds light on the conflict between testing one's knowledge about
the language and testing one's knowledge in using the language. It
hopes to help the participants design tests that measure the ability to
communicate in the target language and on contextualizing grammar test
items using both conventional or timetested objective test formats (such as
multiple-choice, gap fill, and supply tests)and integrative tests.

Registration Information:
Php 1500 for on site registration (including lunch, 2 snacks, conference kit,1 
copy of The ACELT Forum, and certificate)Php 1300 for early registration and 
group of 5 discount to be paid in half or full by Saturday, February 21. 
Please make all checks payable to Ateneo de Manila University. Registration 
for workshops is first-come-first- served.

For Pre-Registration
AT 426 4322/4266001 LOC 5315

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