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Alma Mater
Posted by didith | Plausible Deniability | Friday 13 February 2009 3:28 am 
On February 8, my high school batch celebrated its 25th anniversary.  The flurry of preparations began last year and culminated with us hosting the  School's annual homecoming.  And where  was I in all this?  I bought tickets to a couple of events and gave them away to my colleagues. During the homecoming itself, I was a good 10,000 miles away from the once-in-a-lifetime event.

It's ok, though. I didn't feel as it I was missing out. I didn't even feel as if I was neglecting an obligation. You see, I was never particularly fond of my high school.  I do not harbor it any ill-will. I happen to think the school was and continues to be quite good.  If I lived close to it I might have sent my daughter there. I did reasonably well academically and was never in any disciplinary trouble.  I was never among the popular or the powerful but I did have friends. I liked quite a lot of the teachers and am still in touch with them up to today. I just never developed a deep connection, that strong sense of identification with the institution that some of my peers did. Ours was a business relationship: My parents paid for services, the school delivered these services to the best of its ability. End of story.  The experience did not buy any customer loyalty from me.

My experience in the Ateneo  was the polar opposite. I stepped onto...Read on. 

About the Sesqui Blog:

This is the first team blog about the Ateneo de Manila University's Sesquicentennial, or 150th anniversary. This is a blog by Ateneans for Ateneans who have been part of this great institution's rich and proud history. We may not all share the same memories across generations and historical eras, but we certainly share the same enduring spirituality, vision and passion, channeled through excellence in one's chosen field, and service to country, community and the other.

Welcome then to all our happy, sad, mundane, ethereal, trivial , profound, etc. chronicles.

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