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(Monday, 9 February 2009)


The Situation Report of 9 February 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at


It may also be downloaded as a Word file from


POWER:  Upgrading of the power distribution system at the Loyola Heights
campus is ongoing.  The latest was yesterday, Sunday 8 February. It required
a power outage in the Katipunan and Barangka grids from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. 


Upgrading work required power outages to allow connections in the 5000 KVA
transformer and underground distribution cables.


TRAFFIC:  There are still complaints of tricycle fare overcharging this
February, although they are fewer compared to January.  All emailed
complaints have been acted on and erring drivers suspended.  


Tricycle drivers earn more on-campus than off-campus.  Tricycles that are
suspended lose two thirds of their daily income (estimated at P500 of the
P700 daily fare earnings) when not allowed on campus.  It is a heavy penalty
tricycle drivers would not wish to incur.  


The community is encouraged to remain vigilant and report erring tricycle
drivers to eliminate overcharging.     


SECURITY:  Vandals have been active again along Katipunan Avenue.  The
waiting shed between Gate 2 and Gate 2.5 and the Gate 3.5 pedestrian
footbridge were again defaced with graffiti.   


The waiting shed between Gate 2 and Gate 2.5  with graffiti last Tuesday, 3



The same waiting shed with the graffiti painted over in the afternoon of the
same day.  



Last Thursday, 5 February the footbridge at Gate 3.5 was also noted with




The graffiti was painted over the following day.  


Carpark Menace:  The number of vehicles whose tires were flattened while
they were inside campus carparks has increased.  These incidents are
disturbing because:  


1.	Several tires are punctured and flattened at the same time.
2.	There are indications that the tires were deliberately punctured
with a sharp instrument similar to an ice pick.



No. of Tires punctured


Time Flat Tire Discovered 

Wed. 21 Jan


Upper East Carpark

4:10 p.m.

Fri. 23 Jan


Dept. of Communication

8:00 p.m.

Fri. 30 Jan


Upper East Carpark

7:30 p.m.

Wed. 4 Feb


Upper East Carpark

8:05 p.m.

Fri. 6 Feb


Gonzaga Carpark

7:41 p.m.

Fri. 6 Feb


Lower East Carpark

7:49 p.m.

Fri. 6 Feb


Lower East Carpark

7:49 p.m.


As shown in the table above, the frequency and the number of tires punctured
have increased significantly.


The Toyota Revo with three flat tires last Wednesday, 4 February at the
Upper East carpark.


Both sedans had two flat tires each last Friday, 6 February at the Lower
East carpark.  No picture was taken of the car of a faculty member at
Gonzaga carpark that also had two punctured tires.


Campus security has increased the frequency of patrols in carparks and has
instituted other security measures.  This problem can be effectively solved
with the assistance of the community.  All are requested to be vigilant and
report to security the presence of suspicious persons and activities at the


Found and returned:


1.       Saturday, 31 Jan.:  MR. MICHAEL B. MABANAG (not in the picture)
Ateneo High School student found a cell phone inside the toilet at the Blue
Eagle Gym.  This was claimed by a De La Salle football player (shown in the
picture) a week later at the security office on Saturday, 7 February. 

2.       Thursday, 5 Feb.:  SG JOSE F JAMANDRE found a blue bag containing
books, Ipod, & USB on top of a monobloc chair in front of the College
Cafeteria (AMPC).  It was claimed by the owner later in the afternoon on the
same day.

3.       Thursday, 5 Feb.:  SG ARIEL D LAMBOLOTO found a bag containing
cash, notebooks, and tripod at the North carpark waiting shed.  

4.       Friday, 6 Feb.:  The bag found the day before was turned over to
the office of the Assoc. Dean for Student Affairs.


There are also personal items that are found and returned to the owner.  The
College Cafeteria (AMPC) is one such place.  Examples of items found and
returned are shown below:



Lost Item

Date Returned/Claimed

1.  Calculus book

Wed 04 Feb

2.  One paper bag with P700.00 inside

Wed 04 Feb

3.  Blue wallet with P3,000.00

Wed 04 Feb

4.  Arnis Stick

Thurs 05 Feb

Unclaimed Items

1.  Book (Basic Econometrics)


2.  Book (PreCalculus)


3.  Blue plastic file case with books inside


4.  Two tumblers


5.  Black bag with shoes inside





Notice:  The University Physical Plant personnel will go on "Days with the
Lord and Spiritual Journey" in Baguio from 28 February to 3 March.  


1.	UPP services will be limited on these dates.
2.	For urgent requests involving utilities i.e., power, communication
and water, please contact the Security Office at local 4111.
3.	The direct line 426-5940 will also be manned 24 hours at the
security office.
4.	Email important and urgent requests and concerns to oss at admu.edu.ph
on these dates.













Please email comments to iescuadro at ateneo.edu
Visit the University Physical Plant website at


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