[Blueboard] View Dr. John J. DeGioia's keynote address at Presidents' Forum 2009 on the Ateneo website

Joanna Ruiz jruiz at ateneo.edu
Thu Feb 5 09:23:11 PHT 2009

A video of Georgetown President Dr. John J. DeGioia delivering his keynote
address at the Presidents' Forum on January 24, 2009 has been uploaded to
the Ateneo website. Click on this link to view it:


In his talk, Dr. DeGioia echoes the forum's theme "Universities at the
frontiers of change" and challenges the assembly to be equal to the world's
need for positive transformation. He reflects on 1) how the world has
changed, 2) how we can understand the point and purpose of the work of the
university, and 3) what resources we bring to respond to the needs of our
changing world.


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