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A Light for Others
Posted by magis86 | magis86 | Thursday 27 August 2009 11:42 am 
By Benjamin Pimentel, HS'81

In reflecting on my Ateneo years, I should probably talk about the rigorous academic training, the Christian values and the emphasis on social consciousness that we all know to be the hallmarks of our school's 150 year history in the Philippines.

But at the risk of disappointing many, however, I must confess that, when I think back on my time as an Atenista, I mostly remember the fun stuff.

For it was during my Ateneo high school years that I learned to drink (and get drunk), to curse, got to try "bleep" (just once, mind you, during our class retreat at Sacred Heart Novitiate) and do other crazy things. My classmates and I once managed to derail a dreaded math class by setting off a stink bomb in the class room. Another time, we all got punished for skipping class to spend the day at a classmate's house, watching educational films on human procreation.

Yes, indeed, I have fond memories of Ateneo.

Oh, all right, there's the other stuff for which I am grateful - the academics, the stress on social awareness, the appreciation of Philippine arts and history.

In fact, while Ateneo has been criticized for...READ MORE @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=676



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