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Michelle Camille Correa mcorrea at ateneo.edu
Thu Aug 20 14:43:53 PHT 2009

3rd Applied Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, Sept. 21 to Oct. 14
Attention all entrepreneurs, managers and supervisors of small and medium-sized enterprises, we invite you and your colleagues to participate in our "3rd Applied Entrepreneurship Boot Camp" to be held on September 21 to October 14, 2009. 

The course is designed for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers who seek to understand the entrepreneurial mindset and learn an appropriate strategic management framework to guide their enterprises to achieve greater levels of success. Experts guide the participants on how to spot opportunities and threats from the environment, assess organizational capabilities and develop appropriate strategies leading to the attainment of enterprise objectives.  

This program is in partnership with ACE-Center for Entrepreneurship & Management Education Inc., to be facilitated by 5 sought after ACE gurus.

For more information please click on the link, http://www.cce.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=392&c=138 or call Amia Zepeda at 830.2040 / 830.2050 or write to amia.cce at gmail.com / cce-abib at aps.ateneo.edu.

Digital Marketing Diploma Program, Sept. 25 to May 21

Ateneo Center for Continuing Education (CCE) in partnership with Blue Blade Technologies and IMMAP  will hold the "1st Digital Marketing Diploma Program" on September 25 to May 21, 2010. 

This diploma program opens the door to understanding today's consumers amidst the growing online and mobile users. It provides a snapshot of the global and local internet landscape and how this medium is changing the lives of consumers everywhere in the world; expounds on the various Digital Marketing formats and shows how companies are turning to the internet to expand their reach and reinforce their communication message; shares the necessary language or jargon for a deeper understanding of concepts; presents a straightforward forecast from the best-in-the-field experts who will go through emerging global trends.

 The program module includes the following:

            I.        Digital Marketing Wiki: Key Concepts
     September 25 - October 9, 2009
          II.        e-Ethics: The Digital Marketing Rulebook  
     October 23 - 30, 2009
         III.        WWW: What Works in Websites?      
     November 13 -20, 2009
        IV.        CLICK! : Web Advertising and Email
     November 27 - December 18, 2009
          V.        Virtual Community Marketing 
     January 8 - 15, 2010
        VI.        Blog Revolution
     January 29 - February 5, 2010
       VII.        Surfing on Digital Marketing
     February 19 -26, 2010
      VIII.        Marketing on the Go!
     March 12 - April 9, 2010
        IX.        Marketing 360 Degrees
     April 23 - 30, 2010
          X.        Beyond the Banner

      New Frontiers in the Digital Front 
     May 7 -21, 2010


You may opt to attend selected module/s only.

For more information please click on the link, http://www.cce.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=391&c=192 or call Amia Zepeda at 830.2040 / 830.2050 or write to amia.cce at gmail.com / cce-abib at aps.ateneo.edu.

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