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Thu Aug 20 13:44:21 PHT 2009

Making your first pancake
Posted by didith | Plausible Deniability | Wednesday 19 August 2009 10:33 am 
I forgot who it was who introduced me to the expression "making your first pancake".  The expression was used in reference to experimentation and writing of results.  The point was that your first experiment and your first paper will always be lousy. The point is to learn from the experience and then move on as quickly as possible to the second "pancake", expected to be superior by far.

Last Friday, I made a first pancake with my students.  We visited a public school to conduct an experiment.  Working with the public schools is easy in the sense that they generally consent to participating in studies.  It is difficult when you have to use school equipment because ICTs in particular are a rarity.  By contrast, private schools tend to be very well equipped but getting permission to work with their students is like passing through the proverbial eye of the needle.

The school was gracious enough to grant us access to 12 computers and 150 students.  During a previous visit, JR Reyes and I went to...READ MORE @ http://150.ateneo.edu/blog/?p=663



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