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(Monday, 10 August 2009)

The Situation Report of 10 August 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at

It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  Ateneo's contract with Meralco provides that Ateneo gets a discount
when the Power Factor (PF) is 85% and a corresponding surcharge/penalty
should the PF go below 85%.  

Over the years, Ateneo has been getting discounts rather than paying
surcharges.  However, the discount varies.  Below are the average PF ratings
and discounts in the four campuses in the last six months:

.	Katipunan grid 	(99.72% PF / 4.42% discount) Loyola Heights campus,
Quezon City.
.	Balara grid	 	(99.20% PF / 4.27% discount) Loyola Heights
campus, Quezon City. 
.	Salcedo 		(97.73% PF / 3.82% discount) Ateneo
Professional Schools-Salcedo, Makati City.
.	Rockwell 		(95.93% PF / 3.28% discount) Ateneo
Professional Schools-Rockwell, Makati City.
.	Barangka grid 	(95.49% PF / 3.15% discount) Loyola Heights campus,
Marikina City.
.	ASMPH 		(89.67% PF / 1.70% discount) Ateneo School of
Medicine & Public Health, Pasig City.

Given the amount of electricity consumed in the four campuses, the discounts
are substantial.  The discounts go back to the different units in terms of
lower electric monthly bill.  The ASMPH is a relatively new facility and the
power factor capacitors are not fully operational.  The efficiency and
discount should improve in the next few months.  

TRAFFIC:  The Grade School will have exams this week and early dismissal.
This generally causes heavy traffic not only at the Grade School Complex but
on Katipunan Avenue.  Dismissal time has been staggered (please see
Dismissal Schedule of Grade School & High School)and announced to the Grade
School Community ahead of time.  The rest of the community is encouraged to
make alternative arrangements where possible to avoid peak traffic period
near the Grade School/Blue Eagle Gym area.
Deadline for submission of ACET application form:  Traffic at the Loyola
Schools complex, particularly at the Xavier Hall area may be heavier in the
next three days due to the submission of ACET application forms.   

To have a better profile of visitors on campus, visitors will be asked to
fill up a Visitor Return Slip starting Monday, 17 August.  This should be
turned over to the guard on their way out as they return their visitor pass
and claim their ID.

Vehicular Accidents:  The latest accident at the Gate 2.5 footbridge U-turn
involved a University vehicle last Saturday, 8 August.  The University car
was hit by a speeding delivery motorcycle.  Only the motorcyclist suffered
Loyola Schools student sideswiped:  A student was sideswiped by a vehicle
driven by a coed last Saturday, 8 August.  Campus security learned that the
victim's backpack may have been hit by the vehicle.  The victim fell and his
left foot may have been run over by the vehicle.  

Witnesses of the accident notified the Loyola Schools Health Services.
Medical personnel immediately proceeded to the scene of the accident to give
assistance.  On the recommendation of the medical personnel, the victim was
transported to Medical City Hospital in the security service vehicle.

A participant of the Public School Teacher Training Program suffered what
appeared to be epileptic seizure last Saturday afternoon at the Grade School
complex.  Campus security called on the Philippine Red ambulance contracted
by the 2nd Ateneo Family Congress at the Irwin Theatre to take the public
school teacher to the hospital.  

SECURITY:  The Ateneo Professional Schools at Salcedo and Rockwell have
experienced losses in seminars and offices.  The use of CCTV helped in
recording suspicious persons at the time of the incident.  

Thursday, 2 June:  APS-Salcedo reported a case of a seminar participant
losing a wallet and cash.  An unidentified woman seen in the CCTV file was
seen mingling with the seminar participants, they suspected to be the thief.
The suspect is shown in frame 1 and 2.

Friday, 10 July:  A Graduate School of Business staff reported losing her
wallet in the office.  After reviewing what was recorded in the CCTV, they
came up with a possible suspect shown in frame 3, 4 & 5. However, they could
not establish the identity of the suspect.

Tuesday, 4 August:   A staff of the APS Library reported seeing the suspect
reported earlier attempt to enter the library.  When he accosted, the
suspect hurriedly left the premises before the guards arrived.  

The APS community is requested to be on the lookout for the suspect and to
immediately report to security if seen again on campus.  

Thief Apprehended:  

JUN OLARTE MENTE, 28 years old, resident of 28 Victory Street, Legaspi City,
Albay was arrested by the police after he was apprehended for stealing a
injection pump at the terminal of Superlines Bus Company along Bonifacio
Avenue, Barangka, Marikina City (adjacent to the Grade School complex).
Also in the suspect's possession was a water hose he admitted taking from
the Grade School complex.  The owner of the water hose was later traced to
be JSA grounds maintenance contractor.  The water hose has been claimed by
the owner. 

Found and Returned: 

1.	Thursday, 6 Aug.:  A laptop found unattended by SG JOSEPH S BANHAO
(not shown in the picture) unattended under a table at SEC C foyer at 7:30
p.m. being turned over to ADSA the following day.
2.	Friday, 7 Aug.:  A bag found outside the Fine Arts office by SG
JOSEPH S BANHAO (not shown in the picture) containing iPod and speakers was
returned to the coed on the same day at the security office.
3.	Saturday, 8 Aug.  A laptop found by SG DANILO M ARCUENO (not shown
in the picture) in Room 300, MVP building was claimed on the same day at the
security office.
4.	Saturday, 8 Aug.:  IPod with headphone found by SG SONY T SANTOS in
Room 304, MVP building is shown being claimed by the owner at the security
office on the same day. 

MAINTENANCE:  As of Sunday, 9 August at least 107 MWC tanker truck load or
1,070,000 cubic meter of sludge have been taken from 23 septic tanks (from 1
to 9 August) at the Loyola Heights campus.      

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