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(Monday, 3 August 2009)

The Situation Report of 3 August 2009, with relevant photos, is posted at
It may also be downloaded as a Word file from

POWER:  The early Friday morning (31 July) Barangka grid power outage at
12:28 a.m. was due to a malfunctioning Meralco transformer.  This was
reported by personnel of Barangay Barangka where the problematic transformer
was located.  On campus, back-up generators set to start automatically
provided power to the University Dorm, Lucas Infirmary, Loyola House of
Studies and Arrupe International Residence.  The generator for Cervini and
Eliazo Residence Halls was manually turned on.  Meralco power was restored
at 2:26 a.m.

The scheduled upgrading outage (to energize power connection of the New
Rizal Library) yesterday, Sunday, 2 August in the Katipunan grid proceeded
as scheduled.  It did not disrupt the mass at the Church of the Gesu in the
morning and the graduation ceremonies of the Graduate School of Business
held at the Irwin Theatre in the afternoon.  

TRAFFIC:  The following information may be of interest to the community: 

Early morning traffic: Based on vehicle count done in June,

1.	Close to 5,000 vehicles enter the campus from 6:00 to 8:00 a.m.
daily from Monday to Friday.  These are mainly vehicles taking Grade School
and High School students to school.  
2.	Some college students enter the campus at this time but the bulk of
college students come after 7:30 a.m.
3.	GRADE SCHOOL - On the average, close to 3,000 vehicles bring 4,300
4.	HIGH SCHOOL - Approximately 1,700 vehicles bring 2,300 students.
5.	Morning traffic is heavy from 6:00 to 7:45 a.m. 
a.	Grade School - It peaks between 6:30 till 7:00 a.m.
b.	High School - It peaks between 7:15 to 7:40 a.m. 
6.	In general, early morning traffic eases up by 8:00 a.m.
7.	Heavy rain or accidents on Katipunan can delay traffic.

Mid-day traffic:

1.	Prep (265 students) and Grade 1 (268 students) AM are dismissed at
11:00 a.m.
2.	Prep (229 students) and Grade 1 (268 students) PM start classes at
11:30 a.m. 
3.	Fetching of Prep & Grade 1 AM students and dropping off Prep & Grade
1 PM students at times converge and result in congestion. 
4.	Dismissal of the remaining Primary School (1,567 students) and
Middle School (2,106 students) are staggered with 30 to 45 minutes interval.
5.	Dismissal of the High School (2,365 Students) at the north end of
the campus does not add to congestion during dismissal of the Grade School.
Afternoon traffic:

To get an idea of the number of vehicles leaving the campus, a vehicle count
was conducted last week.  

1.	Gate 3.5 is used more extensively than Gate 2.5.
2.	More vehicles leave the campus between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. at
the same time traffic builds up along Katipunan Avenue.  
3.	Although not shown in the table above, it has been observed that
campus traffic is heavier in the afternoons and evenings on Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays.  This could be due to the class schedule of Loyola
4.	A count was also done on the number of vehicles (bumper to bumper)
that can be accommodated to Gate 3.5:

a.	From Fr. Arrupe Road to Gate 3.5 via:
i.	The 330 meter Auxiliary Road = 61 vehicles
ii.	The 325 meter University Road = 60 vehicles
b.	From the diversion road (from behind the baseball catcher's spot) to
Gate 3.5 via:
i.	The 110 meter road to the junction = 20 vehicles

5.	Only 141 vehicles queued up to Gate 3.5 bumper to bumper from these
three points can be accommodate at any time.   
6.	The time it takes for these vehicles to merge with Katipunan traffic
at Gate 3.5 has not been determined.
7.	Dismissal of neighboring schools also adds to traffic on Katipunan
8.	A similar count and measurement was also done on the number of
vehicles that can be accommodated to Gate 2.5.  From the ID Claim area at
Gate 2 to Gate 2.5, the 164 meter two lane road can accommodate 50 vehicles.

The large number of vehicles exceeding the carrying capacity of Katipunan
Avenue and campus roads also happens in the afternoon.  To improve the

o	Members of the community who can come earlier or after the rush
hours are encouraged to do so to avoid and minimize congestion.
o	The same number of guards will be assigned to manage the afternoon
traffic as the morning traffic.
o	Visitors regularly entering the campus will be asked to get
o	Guards at the ID Claim area will be augmented in the afternoon and
early evening to facilitate release of ID.

The new ID Claim booth at Gate 3 has been improved to facilitate faster
release of ID/driver's license. It was installed Sunday, 2 August.

1.	Wednesday, 29 July:  A University Athletics coach absent-mindedly
left his cell phone on top of a motorcycle of a security guard at the Blue
Eagle Gym.  The owner of the motorcycle SG GEOFFREY T BIBAY (not in the
picture) found the cell phone and traced the owner.  The owner was contacted
and the cell phone returned on the same day.  
2.	Thursday, 30 July:  A High School student left his cell phone inside
the passenger cab of White Tricycle No. 072.  This was returned by the
honest tricycle driver EDISON A. BABELA to the student on the same day.
3.	Saturday, 1 August:  SG MANUEL S ORCILLA found a green bag with two
t-shirts and iPod found by at the High School Dulaang Sibol area.  The
owner, a freshman is shown claiming his bag and contents at the security
office on the same day.
4.	Saturday, 1 August: SG JOSEPH S BANHAO (not in the picture) found a
cell phone in one of the MVP rooms.  The owner, a coed was traced and the
cell phone was returned to the owner two days later.  
5.	Sunday, 2 August:  SG OSCAR P MENOR (not in the picture) found a car
key in the door (driver side) of a Graduate School of Business faculty
member.  This was claimed by the faculty member at the security office on
the same day.

MAINTENANCE:  Manila Water Company, Inc. (MWCI) is emptying septic tanks on
campus as part of their service.  First to be emptied was the Blue Eagle
Gym's septic tank.  A total of twenty-two (22) tanker truck load of sludge
was removed over the weekend, as it has not been serviced for at least 35

Work started at the Cervini Residence Hall septic tank with nine (9) tanker
truck load removed.  Similarly, three tanker truck loads were initially
removed from the septic tank of the College Covered Courts.  A total of 34
truck loads were removed over the weekend.

Cleaning of the septic tanks on campus is in coordination with Barangay
Loyola Heights.  Ms. Maria Nora L. Gupit, Barangay Loyola Heights
Environmental Supervisor (right most picture) monitored the work done by
MWCI over the weekend.  

There are about 80 to 90 septic tanks at the Loyola Heights campus.  Most
have not been emptied in the last 30 years.  Cleaning of septic tanks in
previous years was done by private contractors and paid for.  The University
is now taking advantage of the program of MWCI to clean septic tanks for
free.  This will be done continuously.  Some of the septic tanks are covered
with asphalt (as is the case of the High School where one of the five is
under the parking area now covered with asphalt).  Arrangements will be made
to gain access to septic tanks that are not readily accessible.  Siphoning
of sludge will not disrupt operations and activities on campus.     

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