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(Tuesday, 18 November 2008)


The Situation Report of 18 November 2008, with relevant photos, is posted at


It may also be downloaded as a Word file from


WATER:  The cistern of the Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health (ASMPH)
recommended for cleaning last week has been cleaned.  Water samples will be
taken for evaluation by the Microbiology Unit of the Biology Department.
Results will be released next week.    


TRAFFIC:  Katipunan traffic has slowed down since the start of the C-5
widening work in Balara and at the C.P. Garcia-Velasquez entrance.  Widening
of C-5 will take some time to complete but work on the U.P. C.P.
Garcia-Velasquez entrance will most likely be completed before the end of
the month.


Obstruction:  Several vehicles from the flyover have been reported going
against the flow of traffic early in the morning near Gate 2.  These
northbound vehicles would go past the concrete barrier then back-up against
the flow of traffic to enter Gate 2 instead of Gate 3.  There are many
things wrong about this:


*	It is risky.
*	It obstructs the flow of traffic.
*	It sets a bad example to the Grade School students.


The vehicles indicated by the arrow above came from the flyover that backed
up past the concrete barriers and entered Gate 2 instead of Gate 3.  All
were carrying Grade School students before 6:00 a.m.  


Campus security has identified the owners of the vehicles involved and
submitted the names to the Grade School administration so the parents of the
students in the vehicle can be informed of this illegal and dangerous


Early Dismissal:  Traffic will be heavy towards noon on Thursday, 20
November due to the simultaneous early dismissal of the Grade School and
High School.  The dismissal schedule is shown below:


Grade School Dismissal:  Prep & Grade 1 AM:
11:00 a.m.             (   533 students)

                                                Grades 2 & 3:
11:30 a.m.             (1,070 students)

                                                Grades 4 to 7:
12:10 p.m.             (2,106 students)


High School Dismissal:     4th Year except 4-GH
11:25 a.m.             (   480 students) 

                                All except 2-EIK
12:00 noon           (1,680 students)

12:35 p.m.             (   120 students)


Weekend Traffic:  Some activities scheduled this weekend may draw more
vehicles on campus than usual.  These are:


1.	LS Waste Trade Market (WTM) organized by the Ateneo Environmental
Management Coalition (AEMC) at the space adjacent to Gate 2.5 exit from 9:00
a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
2.	The Ateneo Alumni Association Career Expo 2008 at the Grade School
Covered Courts from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
3.	MATER ECCLESAIE's stage play "Joseph the Dreamer" will be staged at
Irwin Theatre from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturday for an audience of
approximately 1,200.


SECURITY:  The incidence of thefts, snatching and hold-ups increases towards
the Christmas season.  So far most incidents on campus have been limited to
misplaced personal items, mostly cell phones.


1.        Thursday, 6 Nov.:  Cell phone found on the 3rd floor stairway by
SG SONY T SANTOS, MVP Hall and returned on the same day.

2.        Sunday, 9 Nov.:  Cell phone found by SG MANDY M CAYAGO inside a
taxi cab.  This was called in by a student owner but it turned out not to be
the missing cell phone but must have been left by another passenger. 

3.        Monday, 10 Nov.:  Cell phone by SG ERNESTO T GELLADULA inside a
toilet and returned to the owner on the same day.

4.        Monday, 10 Nov.:  Cell phone found by SG JOSEPH V BALAG on top of
the ATM machine at JSEC Mall.  Returned to the owner on the same day.

5.        Tuesday, 11 Nov.:  Pictures 5, 6 & 7 showing wallet containing
cash found by SG JHONNEL V ANDEZA on the bench outside the AMPC cafeteria.
This was endorsed to ADSA since no ID was found inside the wallet.


1.  Thursday, 13 Nov.:  Cell phone found by SG LORETO C QUINIT     on top of
a concreted bench outside the AMPC cafeteria.

 2. Thursday, 13 Nov.:  Cell phone found by SG LORETO C QUINIT on top of
concrete bench near Kostka Hall.  

3.  Saturday, 15 Nov.:  Cell phone recovered inside a taxi by SSG REYNALDO S
RAMIREZ.  The taxi driver denied finding the phone but SSG Ramirez asked the
owner to ring the phone and it was found inside the taxi glove compartment.
This was returned to the owner.

4.  Saturday, 15 Nov.:  Pink bag with digicam found by SG GERONIMO M CIUDAD
at the Grade School waiting area.  This was returned to the owner on the
same day.


Stray dog:  The stray dog reported last week was caught over the weekend.
The stray dog has been turned over to the Marikina City Veterinary Office
Impounding area yesterday, 17 November.  






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