[Blueboard] Lecture: Amorsolo and Colonial Literature (1909-1946): Text as Containment

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                                 The School of Humanities

                         invites you to the 2nd lecture of the
                            Fernando Amorsolo Lecture Series

             Amorsolo and Colonial Literature (1909-1946):Text as Containment

                             a lecture by Soledad S. Reyes, Ph.D.
                  Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

                              November 17, 2008, Monday
                                   4:30 to 6:00 p.m.
                         Natividad Galang Fajardo Conference Room
                     G/F De la Costa Hall, Ateneo de Manila University

                                  LECTURE ABSTRACT

          Unarguably a national icon, Fernando Cueto Amorsolo is a powerful
          presence in the nation's life, not an ethereal presence in some air-
          conditioned vaults or imposing museums.  His works are not, and have
          not been, only for the delectation of collectors and art connoisseurs
          in the Philippines and abroad.  From the beginning of his career in
          the 1900's, his numerous texts have constituted a varied and
          substantial body of works that manifested their deep grounding in the
          ordinary experiences of millions of Filipinos.  As importantly, he
          shaped these experiences in genres that generations of  
Filipinos could
          comprehend and empathize with.

          The paper's main objective is to establish the connection between
          Amorsolo and his contemporaries -- Lope K. Santos, Inigo Ed.  
          and Severino Reyes -- with whom he worked as an illustrator between
          1909 and the 1920s, and to contextualize their works against the
          nation's history as a colony of the United States.  The paper will
          also examine some similarities between the art of Amorsolo and the
          fiction of Macario Pineda, both of whom excelled in depicting ideal
          characters in bucolic settings, to illustrate the need to reevaluate
          the critical norms used in judging their works by taking into account
          the socio-political contexts of their emergence.


                 The Fernando Amorsolo Lecture Series links up
     the Ateneo de Manila University, specifically the School of Humanities,
      with nationwide efforts to mount a large-scale Amorsolo Retrospective.
   The Amorsolo Retrospective is an avenue towards reinvigorating the Filipino
               culture and values among the general public,
        through a four-month, multi-venue exhibition of the finest works
and masterpieces of the first Filipino National Artist Fernando C. Amorsolo.

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