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(Wednesday, 12 November 2008)


The 3rd Quarter Status Report of 12 November 2008, with relevant photos, is
posted at http://www.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=120
It may also be downloaded as a Word file from


POWER: The combined (seven months) Loyola Heights campus kWh consumption and
cost since SY 1997-98 to the present are shown below:  


Consumption (in kWh) by grid for the same period is shown below:


            Balara Grid

            Barangka Grid

            Katipunan Grid


Please note that:


1.       The increase in kWh consumption is due to the increase in
facilities, population and activities.

2.       The spikes in the Balara, Barangka and Katipunan grids are due to
the shifting of load from one grid to another.  

3.       The decrease in kWh consumption in Balara and Barangka grid in SY
1998-99 and decrease in the Barangka grid in SY 2005-06 are due to load
shifting.  Note the increase in the Katipunan grid in the same period. 

4.       The increase in costs of electricity is dictated by external
factors.  However, energy conservation measures mitigated the amount and
rate of cost increases.  


Results of energy conservation measures of school units from April to
October of SY 2006-07, SY 2007-08 and SY 2008-09 are shown below:      

1.      The Grade School consumption is lower this year compared to last

2.      The High School further reduced energy consumption.

3.      Results of Loyola Schools' energy conservation measures are
overshadowed by higher energy consumption due to more facilities (Leong
Hall, University Dormitory and the transfer of the Church of the Gesu and J.
Pollock Renewal Center to the Katipunan grid).    


WATER:  Cisterns and overhead tank recommended for cleaning have been
cleaned and water samples analyzed.  Samples from the cistern and overhead
tank of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH) were also
analyzed.  All six samples conform to the Philippine National Standards for
Drinking Water (PNSDW).  However, water samples collected from the ASMPH
cistern showed presence of bacteria (though non-coliform). They will be
scheduled for cleaning.  


TRAFFIC:  Developments along Katipunan Avenue. 


Wednesday, 5 Nov.:  MMDA installed additional pink fences to close the gap
between the flyover and concrete barriers separating the flyover from the
northbound service road.  


Dropping of Grade School students outside Gate 1 in the morning poses risks
to the students and blocks the flow of traffic.


Traffic Advisory regarding the construction of the C-5 Road section at the
Balara area.  




Effective Nov 7, 2008. The south bound road of Katipunan Avenue from
Magsaysay Avenue to Shuster St. will be closed to traffic to give way for
the widening and construction of C-5 Road.  Expect heavy traffic in the




Heavy rain last Sunday afternoon, 9 November still flooded Katipunan Avenue.


The flood water subsided 30 minutes after the rain.  


Concreting of the entrance to UP at the corner of C.P. Garcia Street corner
Velasquez Street limited access to only one lane.  Until completed, this
will affect vehicles taking a shortcut thru UP to and from Ateneo.  


ID Pick Up Area:  Heavy rain has delayed completion of the Gate 2 ID pick up


ENVIRONMENT:  Graffiti at the footbridges (Gate 2.5 and Gate 3.5) have been
increasing.  This has been painted over.


Graffiti at Gate 2.5 and Gate 3.5 footbridges were painted over last


Cura Kalikasan:  The Graduate School of Business started its environment
awareness program "Cura Kalikasan" Monday, 10 November.  The APS community
is reminded to conserve electricity, water and protect the environment with
signs prominently posted at APS-Rockwell.  


BYOB:   "Bring Your Own Baunan" is Loyola Schools' environmental initiative
to reduce use of Styrofoam and plastic and reduce trash in dining areas in
the college complex starting Monday, 10 November.  


The Northwest carpark has also been cleared and a new compost pit prepared.
The new composts pit will be operated in cooperation with Loyola Schools
Environmental Science Department.    


Grading and compaction of the Northwest carpark damaged by the construction
of the compost pit will be done as soon as weather permits.  







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