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(Monday, 3 November 2008)


The Situation Report of 3 November 2008, with relevant photos, is posted at


It may also be downloaded as a Word file from


WATER:  Manila Water Company has been requested to reduce water pressure
when there are no classes.  Water consumption is drastically reduced when
the school units are on break.  The strong water pressure cause pipe
fittings to give way.  This results in leaks.  


Among those affected was the Social Development Complex (SDC).  Supply had
to be shut down from Friday to Sunday to reconnect the supply disconnected
by the water pressure.  A defective gate valve had to be replaced.  


Cisterns and overhead tanks recommended for cleaning have been cleaned.
Water samples were taken for evaluation this morning and results will be
released next week.


TRAFFIC:  MMDA installed pink fences from the flyover to Gate 2 beside the
concrete barriers last Tuesday, 28 October.  


The pink fence is intended to prevent pedestrians from crossing the service
road from the flyover to Gate 1.  MMDA also installed these fences at the
old U-turn below the Gate 2.5 footbridge to prevent motorcycles and
tricycles from making unauthorized U-turns.  


Despite the light traffic this morning some Grade School students were
dropped at the flyover to enter Gate 1 due to the gap in the pink fence
separating the flyover from service road.  MMDA has been requested to adjust
the pink fences.     


ID Claim Lane:  To improve traffic on campus, the area where visitor passes
and IDs are issued near Gate 2 has been relocated.  It has been moved closer
to Gate 2 guard with a separate access road (base coarse/gravel finish)
shown below.  This should be ready for use next week.


Map shows the location of the access road near Gate 2.  This new road should
eliminate bottleneck in the area.


Road and carpark repair:  Potholes on campus roads and carparks (shown
below) were patched up over the break.


Compost Pit:  The compost pit near the creek boundary with Miriam College
was dug in May 2006.  It is overflowing with leaves and tree branches pruned
on campus.  


Tree trunks and large branches are given away free to users like Manila
Seedling Bank Foundation and others, provided they supply the manpower and
vehicle to haul them.  They are used for fabricating wooden products.
Bakeries use them also for firewood.


Stockpile of tree branches at the Northwest carpark as of Monday, 27


Tree branches pruned on campus are shown being hauled.  Manila Seedling Bank
Foundation shown in the last three frames on the right.


Stockpile of tree branches has been pushed and spread out in the area closer
to the creek.  A new 10 x 10 x 5 meters compost pit is now being prepared.


The new compost pit will be used differently from before.  The grounds
contractor will be asked to sort out what they put in the pit.  Only grass,
leaves, and twigs will be place in the pit, while large tree branches and
trunks will be stocked on the side for easy pick-up by users.  


Construction debris will no longer be allowed in the area.  Drivers will not
be allowed to congregate close to the creek to eliminate littering in the








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