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Sat Mar 15 07:51:47 PHT 2008

Dear Supporters and Friends:

After 13 long and oftentimes frustrating years of struggle for the rights of the Sumilao farmers to their 144 hectare land in San Vicente, Sumilao, Bukidnon, an agreement is well within reach. Finally, after so much sacrifice of blood, sweat, and youth, they will be able to till the land they should long have been calling their own.The details of the negotiation are still to be finished and signed but we hope that by the end of the month, this 13-year long campaign shall finally come to a close with a Eucharistic celebration to be led by his eminence Cardinal Rosales, Bishop Pacana of Malaybalay and Archbishop Ledesma of Cagayan de Oro, right on the land now they shall know as their own, inside the 144 hectares. 

Today, they are in Caritas Manila preparing for the holy week. They shall have daily services during the lenten triduum. but they will not go home until their families in Sumilao can walk and start tilling the land demarcated for them.  We invite you to join us, spend time in the evenings with our Farmer-Brothers and Sisters and get to know them personally. we will also do a "thanksgiving mass" in every community. school and religious, that supported us along the wait. 

However, we continue to ask for your assistance to remain vigilant as the greed of men and lure of wealth can many times stir the tranquility of peace. Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers, and we will always keep you all close to our hearts. 


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