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February 6, 2008

MEMO TO : All Unit Heads and Department Chairpersons

FROM : Central Accounting Office

SUBJECT : Closing of University Books of Accounts FY 2007-2008


In connection with the annual closing of the University Books of Accounts for 
fiscal year ending March 31, 2008, may we request you to submit the following 
documents to the Central Accounting Office on or before April 07, 2008:

1. INTER-DEPARTMENTAL CHARGES AND CREDITS (Budget transfers and adjustments 
between units and departments)

2. Report on completion and authority to close projects and other adjustments 
of the following:

a)Institute of Philippine Culture
c)School of Government
d)Business School

3. Authority to close non-moving DCB accounts (all units)

4. Unpaid Invoices, Receiving Reports and Statements of Accounts

5. Supporting documents for COD/advance payments

6. Report on Purchase Orders and/or contracts with downpayments but with no 
partial deliveries

7. Replenishment requests for revolving and petty cash funds

8. Report on donated assets and copies of Deed of Donation

9. Report on disposition/transfer of movable assets (i.e. computers, 
typewriters, airconditioners, tables, chairs, etc.)

10. Stale voucher/payroll checks in your possession

11. Liquidation of cash advances and supporting documents

12. Withholding Tax Certificates (BIR Form 2307) of auxiliary units and Ateneo 
Professional School

13. Receivables from non-Ateneo clients
Charges and credits for documents that are received after the April 7, 2008 
deadline will be reflected in the following year's budget (FY 2008-2009).

To conform to the requirements of our external auditors and the Bureau of 
Internal Revenue, the following procedures will be implemented with regard to 
recording of Purchase Orders:

a) Purchase Orders approved on or before March 18, 2008, which goods or 
services are delivered/served not later than March 31, 2008 will be charged to 
your FY 2007-08 budget.

b) Purchase Orders dated March 19, 2008 or later will be taken up in FY 2008-

May we request you or your administrative assistant to review the charges and 
deposits made to your accounts?  Please advise us of your findings so that 
adjustments could be immediately effected before closing our books of 
accounts.  There are two ways of getting your unit's financial records:

- For units who have the ADMU-CAO On-Line Financial Reporting System installed 
in their computers, your unit's budget, revenue and DCB accounts are available 

- For units who have not participated in this project, you may either claim 
the softcopy of your financial data in Excel format from Mr. Rodolfo Rabino of 
our Financial Reporting and Fund/Budget Monitoring Section (local 4146), or 
request him to electronically send you the file.
Our office aims to close our books earlier this year and to have the audited 
financial reports ready by the end of May 2008.  Your full cooperation in this 
regard will allow us to accomplish this and prepare complete and accurate 
reports for your units.

Respectfully yours,

Financial Reporting and Fund/Budget Monitoring Section 

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