[Blueboard] Join the Church Procession tomorrow (March 6, Thursday) in Solidarity with the Sumilao Farmers

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Mon Mar 3 09:23:11 PHT 2008

       144 Sumilao Farmers are marching around Malacanang Palace to express their frustration over the government's inaction to return the 144-hectare Sumilao land that was promised to them. 

      The Sumilao farmers started marching today (March 5, 2008). They dubbed their march as MARTSA or March for Agrarian Reform, Truth, Social Justice, and Accountability. 

    This is their way of showing their peaceful protest against the more than 12 years of injustice that they have suffered and to pressure both the government and San Miguel Corporation to make good of their promises and commitments to finally return the 144 hectares to the Sumilao farmers.

    The Sumilao Farmers are calling on PGMA to enforce her decision of revoking the land conversion by issuing a cease and desist order on San Miguel Foods Inc. to halt its continuing construction and destruction of the prime agricultural land. 


In this light, we humbly seek your support and we are inviting everyone, especially the students and religious, to join us in a Church-led procession around the Malacañang Palace tomorrow (March 6, Thursday). Details are as follows:

            Activity:                         Church-led Procession around   

                                                   Malacañang Palace 

            Date:                             March 6, 2008 (Thursday)

            Place of Assembly:       Caritas Manila       

Time of Assembly:        6:30AM – 7:00AM

Start of March:             7:00AM

Lunch Break:                12:00NN

End of March:               6:00PM

                                       7:00PM (Mass at Caritas Manila)

           Route of the March:         Paz Mendoza Guanzon - UN Avenue - 

                                                  Taft Avenue - Aurora Boulevard - 

                                                  Ayala Bridge - P. Casal - Legarda - Nagtahan

Those who will be joining the Church Procession tomorrow are humbly requested to also bring the following:

                - food / packed lunch

                - water

                - caps / extra shirt 

                - rosary

Religious are humbly requested to be in soutane and habit. 

Let us all be one with the Sumilao farmers in their fight for social justice. We are hoping for your continued support and prayers. 

Manalagin. Maninidigan. Makialam

Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan

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