[Blueboard] Department of Political Science: Plenary Lecture on "Understanding Mindanao: Margins of Conflict, Narratives of Hope?'

Jhoan Andre Inciong jinciong at ateneo.edu
Wed Jan 30 14:32:54 PHT 2008

Kindly post. Thank you for your time.

                        The Department of Political Science
                                 cordially invites you
                                      to the
                            2nd PoS 100 Plenary Lecture

                             "Understanding Mindanao:
                     Margins of Conflict, Narratives of Hope?"
                            Dr. Nereus O. Acosta, Ph.D
                                 6 January 2008
                               4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
                                 MVP Roofdeck

   Dr. Acosta would discuss how Mindanao is seen (or misunderstood) in  
the national conciousness, and why it will continue to be (not just  
geographically, but in the larger realm of a national psyche) the  
locus of tension and challenge in shaping our own definitions of  
state, development, minority rights, co-existence, and the future of  
what remains to be an 'amorphous' Philippine nation.

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