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* * * This new consciousness requires expanding the possibilities
inherent in all humanity. The innovators who will devise a new way to
harness the sun's energy for pennies or invent an engine that's carbon
negative may live in Lagos or Mumbai or Montevideo. We must ensure
that entrepreneurs and inventors everywhere on the globe have the
chance to change the world....

                        The Science and Society Plenary Series
                                       and the
                           School of Science and Engineering

                                     invite you to

                             THE WATER IS ABOVE THE BRIDGE:
                       Is Sustainable Development Still Possible
                              in the Face of Global Change

                                     a lecture by

                                Atty. Antonio G. M. La Vina
                                Ateneo School of Government


                                   Leong Lecture Hall
                                Wednesday, 23 January 2008
                                   130pm and 230pm

... When we unite for a moral purpose that is manifestly good and
true, the spiritual energy unleashed can transform us. The generation
that defeated fascism throughout the world in the 1940s found, in
rising to meet their awesome challenge, that they had gained the moral
authority and long-term vision to launch the Marshall Plan, the United
Nations, and a new level of global cooperation and foresight that
unified Europe and facilitated the emergence of democracy and
prosperity in Germany, Japan, Italy and much of the world. One of
their visionary leaders said, "It is time we steered by the stars and
not by the lights of every passing ship. "
                                                  - Al Gore, acceptance speech
                                                  Nobel Prize, 10 December 2007

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