[Blueboard] Department of Economics-Seminar on Dynamic Macroeconomics

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Thu Jan 17 16:45:54 PHT 2008

Seminar on dynamic macroeconomics

In preparation for the talk and dialogue with Nobel Laureate Professor  
Finn E. Kydland on 7 February 2008, the Department of Economics is  
hosting a seminar on the dynamic consistency of economic policy.  
Developed by Professors Kydland and Edward C. Prescott in 1977, this  
model is a valauable contribution to the field of dynamic  
macroecnomics and policy, for which both were awarded the Sveriges  
Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel in 2004.

Speaker         : Luis F. Dumlao, PhD.
Date            : Thursday, 24 January 2008, 4:30PM
Place           : CTC 102

For further information, contact the Department of Economics (local  
5220 to 22)

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