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Crisanto M. Lopez cmlopez at ateneo.edu
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The Departments of Physics and Biology invite you to the following lecture on

January 11, 2008 (Friday) at 3:30 ? 4:30 PM; SEC B-201:

"Physics Meets Biology: Understanding living phenomena using physical  

Adrian Wendil R. Serohijos
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Program in Molecular and Cellular Biophysics
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA

In recent years, the traditional divide between life and physical  
sciences has crumbled as both physicists and biologists realize the  
enormous complexity of biological problems. I will describe three  
specific systems I study where the synergy of physics and biology lead  
to scientific advances: (1) the construction of the molecular model of  
dynein, a motor protein that drives the transport of molecules within  
the cell; (2) the design of a "molecular label" for cancer cells; and  
(3) the identification of the molecular origin of cystic fibrosis, a  
common genetically inherited disease.

About the Speaker:
Mr. Serohijos finished his BS Physics and BS Computer Engineering  
degrees from the Ateneo. He also served as an Assistant Instructor  
prior to his graduate studies at the Physics and Astronomy Dept and  
the Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Program of the University of  
North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Their lab is essentially a theoretical and  
computational group that studies a very broad range of  
problems--protein folding, protein aggregation, diseases, and drug  
design among others. They focus on the physical nature of interactions  
between atoms, molecules, cells, and organisms. The underlying  
question throughout their research is how these interactions shape the  
complex organization, behavior, and evolution of biomolecules and  
organisms. His lecture will discuss exciting results from three  

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