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                                                                                    04 January 2008





FROM             :           THE PRESIDENT


R E                  :           OFFICER-IN-CHARGE, ATENEO GRADE SCHOOL


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            As our community knows, Fr. Jose Moises Fermin, S.J., will be leaving for tertianship in Australia 

the middle of January. The Leadership Transition Committee is also meeting to finalize its recommendations 

regarding a new Headmaster for the Ateneo Grade School to take office April 1, 2008. I will also be away 

for the Jesuit 35th General Congregation from January 5, 2008 till early March. 


            After consultations and meetings with the Grade School Administrative team, I am appointing 

Mr. Jose P. Salvador, Jr. as Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of the Ateneo de Manila Grade School effective 

January 7, 2008. 


            I have met with Fr. Fermin and the A-Team to discuss the important decisions that will be coming

 up during the next three months and to agree on the process to be followed for them. In case of important

 decisions, I have informed Mr. Salvador and the A-Team to communicate with me by e-mail. I would like

 to ask the Ateneo Grade School community for your continuing support of Mr. Salvador and the A-Team. 


            I would like to thank Fr. Fermin for his leadership over the last seven years. During these years, the

 Grade School has seen new buildings and new and improved facilities, much greater effort to improve 

academic performance especially through the benchmarking with Singapore, renewed formation in character 

and discipline, and growth in faculty development and formation. I would also like to thank Fr. Fermin for 

the wonderful community spirit among faculty, administrators, staff, students and parents that is so apparent 

to all who visit the Grade School. As he enters the last stage of Jesuit formation, tertianship, which we know 

as a school of the heart, I ask our community to remember him in your prayers. Again, thank you, Fr. Joey, 

for your legacy of leadership and community-building in the Ateneo Grade School. 











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