[Blueboard] Impy Pilapil Interactive: Tours and Workshop

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Wed Feb 27 11:33:53 PHT 2008



In line with Impy Pilapil?s exhibition of outdoor interactive  
sculpture in Quad 3 of the
Ateneo de Manila University, Mr. Walter Siegfried Hahn will be  
conducting tours and a
workshop from Tuesday, Feb 26 ? Thursday, Feb 28, 2008. On Tuesday and  
Thursday, Mr. Hahn
will be doing ?A Guided Tour through the Exhibit and To the Senses?   
at 2 pm.  The tour
will enable the audience to fully maximize the experience of the  
interactive exhibition.

On Wednesday, 27Feb, Mr. Hahn will give a workshop on the importance  
of sense and
thought. CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN A DAY! is  a hands-on workshop open to  
anybody interested .
Workshop fee is P200.

We perceive through the senses, and the basis of our actions are our  
thoughts -
in this workshop we will have a closer look at both. Einstein said   
"We will not be
able to solve the problems with the same thinking we have created them with".
There is therefore a need to look closely at our thinking process if  
we are to be
involved in a creative process of bringing change into our lives. This  
first, however, a refinement of our faculty of perception.

Please call the Ateneo Art Gallery at 4266488 or 4266001 loc 4160 to  
reserve your place
in the workshop or the tours.

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