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The Filipino People is Asking Their Leaders to Listen, and to Listen Well


Amidst another political crisis, various groups from the opposition have once again called on the Arroyo Administration to heed the clamor for radical change. Yet despite such incessant calls, the Administration has seemingly ignored the appeal and has taken instead a "business-as-usual" stance. It has further encouraged the people to simply veer away from divisive politics and focus instead in the strengthening of the economy.


Yet in the clutter of arguments and counter-arguments, what is left unnoticed is the common Filipino's desire to be heard and taken seriously. Though indeed the common Filipino wishes to move forward in prosperity, he does not wish to do so by sacrificing his love for truth and justice. He wishes his leaders to whom he has entrusted the governance of this nation, to be truly sincere and accountable to their constitutional mandate. He is tired of excuses. He is tired of bickering politicians. He is tired of being manipulated endlessly.


The common Filipino wants to speak out. He wants to be heard, and he wants the leaders of this nation to listen well. Will this mean the common Filipino is just about ready to march to EDSA once again in abject indignation not only because of the perceived corruption of  the current administration but of the  seemingly selfish exploitation of some manipulative leaders wanting to usurp power at all cost? Will there be another "EDSA"?


We will soon find out.


On February 23, 2008, we the common Filipinos to whom the power of this nation truly rests will be given an opportunity to gain insights as to what is truly happening to our nation in order to start our own profound discernment on what our next steps will be. Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan, a non-partisan, Church group based in Ateneo de Manila University will be holding its regular National Situationer Forum, entitled Kwentong Bayan: EDSA Pa Nga! It will be held at the Ateneo de Manila University Grade School Auditorium (Loyola Heights, Quezon City) from 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM on February 23, 2008. It has invited Sec. Ricardo Saludo, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, and Prof. Winnie Monsod to be on hand in order to talk about the current situation of the country and to interact with the audience present in the forum. A special message from former President Cory Aquino will also be presented to remind everyone of the living spirit of the People Power Revolution of 1986.


This is an opportunity for the common Filipino to come together in order to further his discernment on what he believes is best for his beloved country. 



For any inquiries or reservations for the said forum, please contact Ms. Marjorie Tejada of SLB office at the above stated contact information.































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