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Ô     Join public expressions demanding the E.O. 464 revocation which blocks the process of searching for the truth.

Ô     Keep up-to-date with developments.  Attend KWENTONG BAYAN (National Situationer) this February 23 (Sat) 1:00 p.m. at the Ateneo Grade School auditorium.  Resource persons include:

o        Sen. Kiko Pangilinan

o        Prof. Winnie Monsod

o        Cabinet Secretary Ricardo Saludo

§         With a message from former President Cory Aquino

             (For reservations given the limited slots available, please call tel. 426-6101 local 3440/3441)

Ô     Write to Romulo Neri and other Ateneo Alumni and communicate our demand for the whole truth.  Secretary Neri's contact infos:

Tel.#: +63 (02) 9100823; 6332713 
Fax # +63 (02) 6355829 
Website: http://www.ched.gov.ph

Ô     Disseminate credible statements through internet (emails, blogs, websites etc.) to guide fellow Filipinos in different parts of the world.   For other details, visit http://simbahanglingkod.multiply.com or www.slb.ph.

Ô     Launch and/or support signature campaigns for truth.  

Ô     Organize fora/conferences about the national situation in general or the ZTE scam in particular.  SLB can help with invitation for resource persons.  


Ô     Support the proposal for an Independent Counsel to ensure closer investigation and prosecution of guilty parties.  We channel our forces to the Senate for this resolution.  Then we monitor the Ombudsman and the Department of Justice and even the Courts to ascertain that we have the right Independent Counsel who is not only an outstanding member of the bar with vast experience in the field of prosecution, but he must also be a person with irreproachable integrity, probity and independence.  For inquiries, you may call the Ateneo School of Government or Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan.


Ô     Join small groups of discernment/discussion sessions as a concrete response to the CBCP call.  You may also call SLB at locals 3440 / 3441 / hotline SUN-8600-SLB, should you wish to join these sessions.

Ô     Write to lawmakers and push for the review and revision of the Government Procurement Act.  For a complete directory, visit http://www.senate.gov.ph/senators/sen14th.asp and http://www.news.ops.gov.ph/congress-dir.htm.

Ô     Organize your communities and hold dialogues with your local government officials.  Demand from our elected officials their stand on the ZTE scandal and make them commit to the call for truth, accountability and reform.  Make public the statements of your communities and/or officials. 

Ô     Academic officials may write to all the school's alumni the call for reform.  Organize an Alumni gathering and discuss the ZTE scandal.  Make them commit to the general public's clamor for change.  Make public the commitments of your institution especially the roles the alumni will take.

Manalangin.  Manindigan.  Makialam.

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