[Blueboard] Thank you! from Tina Astorga

cpanlilio at ateneo.edu cpanlilio at ateneo.edu
Thu Feb 7 09:13:56 PHT 2008

Tina Astorga wishes to thank the Ateneo/Blueboard community for all  
the prayers and masses for her sister.  May you continue to pray for  
Cely's full recovery.

Lina Panlilio


Again Cely has pulled through. The cancer in her
liver was controlled by the chemo which practically
wiped her out. The doctors were simply amazed at
this wonderful development.

She will be discharged from the hospital in a few
days, but she will continue to be under intensive
treatment. Her cancer is still stage 4, but we are
full of thanks for God's abiding gift of life for her.
She lives on one miracle after another..

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