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Fri Sep 28 16:18:59 PHT 2007

28 Sept 2007


Dear Ateneo Faithful,


Yesterday, our starters and shock troopers snatched still another 
thrilling victory from the green jaws of defeat.  This, despite the 
enemy’s pressure defense and true-to-form play of veteran TY Tang .  .  
.  aided and abetted by the spotty officiating.  T’was truly a testament 
to our Blue Eagles’ big fighting hearts, our coaching staff’s bang-on 
plays, rotation and substitution patterns, our entire Blue Babble 
Battalion’s unceasing outcry, and above all, our Lord’s grace and 


The sobriety and sportsmanship that players, coaches and fans 
demonstrated all throughout, in the midst of such intense, 
nerve-wracking hostilities, are also very gratifying. 


We need those ingredients again this weekend .  .  .  in spades.


Firstly, for our SBP and Passerelle teams as they face LSGH and Xavier 
School, respectively, in the MILO-BEST NCR Finals on Sunday at the 
Jacinto Tiu Gym of Xavier School.  Game times are 10:45am and 9:00am, 


Secondly, our Lady Eagles tomorrow seek their second straight win and 
the championship over the Lady Maroons.  Game time is at 2pm, Ninoy 
Aquino Stadium.  Immediately following is game 2 of the Jrs.  Finals, 
where our Blue Eaglets strive to draw level with DLSU-Zobel. 


And of course, on Sunday, our Blue Eagles meet DLSU for the fifth time 
this season, with the second and last Finals berth at stake.  This 
promises to be another epic showdown, the penultimate leg in our gallant 
team’s journey to the championship. 


Ateneo Basketball is alive and well!  But our boys, young men and women 
cannot and should not do it alone.  Let’s lift them up in prayer and 
will them on to victory in neo-classical Ateneo fashion: by coming to 
the games in full force, lustily singing and shouting out our new and 
traditional anthems and cheers, clapping to the infectious and inspiring 
eight beat, and being on our passionate best behavior.


May our players take it to the next level in the spirit of MAGIS .  .  
.  more physical, mental, emotional and spiritual excellence!






Jun Dalandan

Director for Alumni Relations


To: All Ateneo Alumni, Central Administrators & Staff, APS, HS & GS 
Students, APS HS&GS Faculty Admin & Staff, other Ateneo auxiliary units: :

Re: Tickets Distribution  for the Ateneo -La Salle Srs game set for 
Sunday, 30 Sept 2007, 3pm, Araneta Coliseum.

Tickets will be available for sale tomorrow, Saturday, 29 Sept 2007 at 
the Blue Eagle Gym, starting at 8:30am.

1. No reservations will be entertained.
2. Only (two) tickets per person.
3. Please present a valid I.D. (e.g. SSS ID, office ID, etc). No I.D., 
no ticket. For proxies, please provide a letter of authorization, your 
I.D. and your representative's I.D. A proxy can only represent one 
member of the community. For the members of the APS, HS and GS and other 
Ateneo auxiliary units, your proxy will need to bring your valid student 
or emplyee ID.

For LS faculty, LS admin & staff, please proceed to the College 
Athletics Office, and for the LS students, to the MVP Center lobby.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.   


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