[Blueboard] Vince Rafael on Mabini and Sovereignty

Cecilia Go Bartolome cbartolome at ateneo.edu
Mon Sep 17 11:51:45 PHT 2007

        Philippine Studies and the Department of History
                             cordially invite you to
The Afterlife of Empire: Sovereignty and Revolution in the
                               Spanish Philippines
                           Vicente L. Rafael, Ph.D.
                  19 September 2007, Wednesday
                            4:30 p.m. -- 6:00 p.m.
                             Case Study Room
                       Social Sciences Building
                    Ateneo de Manila University
 Dr. Vicente L. Rafael explores the uncanny legacy of empire in the
languages of sovereignty---often confused with freedom and always
associated with power---in the late-nineteenth- and twentieth-century
Philippines. He asks how this imperial legacy of "sovereignty" is
conjured, reappropriated, and momentarily suspended by the event of the
Filipino Revolution, with particular reference to the writings of
Apolinario Mabini and Santiago Alvarez. In doing so, he seeks to inquire
into one of the most perplexing features of modernity: the vexed
relationship between freedom and violence in various attempts to redeem
social life in the face of human finitude.
Dr. Rafael is Professor of History at the University of Washington in
Seattle. He is the author of, among others, Contracting Colonialism
(1988), White Love and Other Events in Filipino History (2000), and The
Promise of the Foreign: Nationalism and the Technics of Translation in
the Spanish Philippines (2005).

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