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Sat Sep 8 10:58:29 PHT 2007

We would like to invite the LS Community to join us as we celebrate JGSOM
Week. For SOMWEEK 2007, our theme is "MicroSOM:  Great Things come from
SOM Packages."

SOMWEEK 2007 brings together students, faculty and staff in a variety of
ways to have fun as a community and to give participants an opportunity
to test their creativity, strength and business skills in various

We hope to see you at any of the activities that our students and faculty
have organized!


Week Long Microsoft Exhibit September 10 to 14
Venue: SEC Foyer B and C

MONDAY (September 10, 2007)

1020 -- 1030    Opening Ceremonies (Silvermen mimes)
                organized by the COA Business Cluster
		Venue: JGSOM Garden

1030 -- 1800	SOMasarap:  Food Preparation and Selling Competition 		      
             (Week-long Competition)
                organized by the Ateneo Management Association (AMA)
                Venue: JGSOM Student Enterprise Center

1030 -- 1230	Film Showing (First Film)				        organized by Ateneo LEX
                Venue: Ching Tan Room

1630 -- 1800	Marketing Competition
         	organized by Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (AJMA)
                Venue:  SOM 210

1630 -- 1800	Price-Bidding Competition:
                organized by Management Economics Association (MECO)
                Venue: Ching Tan Room

1630 -- 1800	Business Globalization Talk
                by Dr. Christine Nielsen, Professor
                International Business and Strategy
                University of Baltimore
                organized by the Leadership and Strategy Department
                and Management Engineering Association (MEA)
                Venue: Escaler Hall

TUESDAY (September 11)

1530 -- 1800	SOMonopoly Eliminations:  Life-size monopoly
competition		organized by AJMA
                Venue: TBA

1630 -- 1800	SOM Box for SOM Bucks
                organized by AMA
		Venue: Ching Tan Room

1630 -- 1800	Project Runway:
                organized by MEA
		Venue: CTC 114

WEDNESDAY (September 12)

0900 -- 1500	Arts Attack:
 	        organized by MEA
		Venue: SEC Field

1030 -- 1230	Film Showing (Second Film)					        organized by LEX
                Venue: Ching Tan Room

1530 -- 1800	SOMonopoly Finals					        organized by AJMA
                Venue: TBA

1630 -- 1800	SOMabay SOMunod:  Scavenger Hunt
		organized by Ateneo Association for Communications
                Technology (ACTM)
		Venue: JGSOM Garden

1630 -- 1800	BIR Talk
     	        organized by the Finance and Accounting Department
                and AMA
                Venue: CTC 102

1630 -- 1800	Talk on Entrepreneurship
        	organized by the Ateneo Placement Office
                Venue: CTC 102

THURSDAY (September 13)

0730 -- 0900	5-KM Campus Run:  (One day)
                organized by MECO

1630 -- 1800	SOMercialization:  Tri-Media Commercial Competition		       
organized by ACTM
		Venue: CTC 114

1630 -- 1800	Clash of IntelLEX:  Quiz Competition
		organized by LEX
		Venue: Escaler Hall

1630 -- 1800	Microsoft Talk on Marketing
  		organized by the Marketing and Law Department and AJMA		        Venue:
Ching Tan Room

FRIDAY (September 14)

1030 -- 1230	Film Showing (Essay Writing Competition)		        organized
by LEX
                Venue: Ching Tan Room

1630 -- 1830	Finals of the Marketing Competition:  Thematic Marketing	    
   organized by AJMA
                Venue: Escaler Hall

1630 -- 1800	IBM Talk							        organized by the QMIT Department and
                Venue:Ching Tan Room

1800 -- 0000	SOM Night						        organized by COA Business Cluster
                Venue: Off Campus

SATURDAY (September 15)

0900 -- 1200	Amazing Race
		organized by Management of Applied Chemistry
		Venue: Off-Campus

MONDAY (September 17)

1630 -- 1800	Mr. & Ms. SOM Finals
		organized by the JGSOM SANGGUNIAN
		Venue: Escaler Hall

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