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* * * If there were some deep principle that drove organic systems towards
living systems, the operation of the principle should easily be demonstratable
in a test tube in half a morning. Needless to say, no such demonstration has
ever been given. Nothing happens when organic materials are subjected to the
usual prescription of showers of electrical sparks or drenched in ultraviolet
light, except the eventual production of a tarry sludge.

                                 -- Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-), English astronomer,
cosmologist and science-fiction writer. Hoyle believes that there was far too
little time available on the early earth (1.5 billion years) for life to get
started spontaneously, starting with simple molecules. He believes life
developed elsewhere in the universe over a much longer period and was seeded on

                    The Science and Society Plenary Series
                                   and the
                       School of Science and Engineering

                                  invite you to

                       SEARCHING FOR THE ORIGINS OF LIFE

                                  a lecture by

                           Rev. Bienvenido F. Nebres, SJ
                            Ateneo de Manila University

                              Escaler Lecture Hall
                            Science Education Complex
                           Wednesday, 5 September 2007
                          830am, 930am, 130pm, and 230pm

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