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Newsbriefs 26 October 2007 Morning

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Arroyo pardons Estrada (Inquirer)

MANILA, Philippines -- Joseph Estrada will be a free man on Friday after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Thursday granted a pardon to her disgraced predecessor, saving the convicted plunderer from life imprisonment in the national penitentiary.

Critics said Ms Arroyo rushed through the executive clemency just six weeks after Estrada's conviction to curry favor with the opposition and to deflect mounting charges of corruption within her own administration.

"I hereby grant executive clemency to Joseph Ejercito Estrada," acting Executive Secretary Ignacio Bunye said on television at 5:39 p.m. Thursday, quoting from Ms Arroyo's order. "He is hereby restored to his civil and political rights."

Ramos warns Arroyo: Estrada could bring you down (Inquirer)

MANILA, Philippines -- Former President Fidel V. Ramos Thursday warned President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo that the grant of a pardon to convicted plunderer and ousted President Joseph Estrada could lead to her downfall.

"I warn the President not to be hasty," Ramos said in a news conference before his departure for a business conference in China and hours ahead of a Malacañang announcement that Ms Arroyo had granted Estrada executive clemency.

"This thing is bigger than GMA or Erap," Ramos said, using the President's initials and Estrada's populist nickname. "We are stakeholders here, the people of the Philippines."

State prosecutor questions legality of Estrada pardon (INQUIRER.net)

MANILA, Philippines -- (UPDATE) The lead state prosecutor in the plunder case against Joseph Estrada on Thursday questioned the legality of the executive clemency President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has granted to the convicted leader.

Special Prosecutor Dennis Villa-Ignacio said there was "indecent haste" in granting the pardon to Estrada, who was found guilty by a special anti-graft court of stealing tens of millions of dollars from the nation's coffers.

"We were able to prove that we can prosecute and convict a former president despite the legal geniuses handling his case. The Sandiganbayan has also proved that no one is above the law when it convicted a former president," he said.

Rants, raves as Estrada gets pardon (abs-cbnNEWS.com)


Within the hour of the announcement Thursday that former president Joseph Estrada has been granted pardon, administration supporters and critics flooded media networks with statements for and against his freedom.


The announcement made by acting Executive Secretary Ignacio Bunye came in the wake of scandals hounding President Arroyo and her administration, starting from the national broadband network (NBN) deal controversy to the alleged bribery in the form of "cash gifts" given to congressmen and local officials in Malacañang earlier this month.


The President's critics questioned the timing of the offer of executive clemency to the ousted president. Some said directly that she "undermined the rule of law.".


Erap pardon prompts tighter Palace security (www.gmanews.tv)

The Manila police braced for a fresh wave of protest marches as it tightened security around Malacañang since Thursday night following President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's decision to grant pardon to her predecessor, former President Joseph Estrada.

Radio dzBB reported the Manila Police District (MPD) also sent personnel to keep watch over the Supreme Court (SC), and on Estrada's bulwarks in the city's Tondo district.

Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales, MPD chief, said his men had been on alert since Thursday night for possible protests, this time by anti-Estrada groups, against the pardon granted by Mrs Arroyo.
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