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The Rizal Library Conference Committee invites librarians, library
educators, archivists, and information professionals to the "Third Rizal
Library International Conference to be held in Escaler Hall, Science
Education Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, October 22-23, 2007.

The Conference Program is designed to encourage and appreciate the
exchange of ideas and experiences on strategic plans that ensure
responsiveness and relevance of libraries, librarians, and information
professionals in the information society. Likewise, the conference
pursues how library stakeholders create and manage library roadmaps in a
constantly changing society. While it is true that some libraries and
information centers have accomplished great strides, they should continue
to create new roadmaps to meet greater challenges.

The 2007 Rizal Library International Conference theme is "From Classroom
to Career: Roadmaps to a Library's Success." The conference sub-themes

Service-Friendly Librarians: Challenges and Opportunities

The key to a library's success is productive partnership between the
client and the library. Every librarian/information professional faces
the challenge of positioning his/herself in an ever-changing information
environment. The topic seeks to demonstrate the importance of balance
between professional competence and personal qualities in meeting the
expectations of clients to attain service excellence.

Library Theory and Research: an Imperative Challenge

Libraries and information centers are in a period of remarkably
challenging transition--as technology continuous to change the
information environment. This topic aims to encourage librarians and
information professionals to expand the knowledge-base of librarianship
through research.

Collection Development in a Free Access Environment

The Internet opened the gate to free information in ways that no one has
ever imagined. The increasing use of the Internet shows its stability and
staying power. This paper will venture to discuss the equation: Internet =
strong library resources = lesser cost, consequently, advancing this
technology to the benefit of libraries and information centers.

Classification and Indexing: Changing Roles of Subject Access Tools

The proliferation and continuing rapid growth of all kinds of resources
including electronic documents present ample challenges in providing
appropriate access tools. Hence, catalogers and indexers are now
encouraged to review and reevaluate existing tools in bibliographic
control and subject access. Therefore, this topic explores and analyses
the changing roles of subject access taking into consideration the
characteristics and nature of the current information environment.

SERVQUAL, LibQUAL+, e-QUAL, Accreditation : Assessing Service Quality

The global digital environment is inevitable. It affects information
distribution and delivery. This scenario continues to have a profound
impact on service quality and customer satisfaction. For libraries and
information centers in a modern information society to succeed in service
performance, there is a need to constantly measure service quality and
what customers value as important . It is hoped that papers on this
subject will suggest implementing guidelines to carry out service quality

Handling Local History Materials

Local history is the story of our town, city and community where we live.
It is our story. Knowing about our local history gives us a better
perspective about our heritage. It links the past with the present and
the future. This topic focuses on how local history materials are
gathered, organized, preserved and shared with the rest of our community.

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