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Monday, 15 October 2007


The Situation Report of 15 October 2007, with relevant photos, is posted at 

 It may also be downloaded as a Word file from http://www.ateneo.edu/upp/sitrep_doc/Sitrep_151007.doc


POWER:  One of the three power grids on the Loyola Heights campus has overhead power distribution cables.  The distribution cables of the Katipunan and Balara grids are in underground conduits from Gate 1 and Gate 3.  The Barangka grid has overhead high tension cables at the east edge of the campus that are susceptible to power outage when branches of nearby trees hit the cables.

Overhead high tension cables between the Eliazo Residence Hall and Loyola House of Studies to San Jose Seminary.  Trees near the cables are regularly trimmed to prevent branches from hitting the cables that result in power outages.   The branches near the cables behind San Jose Seminary.  This was trimmed Monday morning.

Tree branches near the overhead high tension cables being trimmed to prevent them from touching the cables.


COMMUNICATION:  PLDT upgraded its voice and data services on campus with the installation of NxGN facilities in the Loyola Heights campus.  This will allow PLDT easier installation, diagnostics of troubles and quick restoration of services.


The upgraded system however, will require a change in the telephone numbers, both PABX and direct lines.  This means changes in calling cards, stationeries, brochures and other materials. Ateneo and Affiliated units will be affected by these changes.  Details are being worked out with PLDT to reduce the inconvenience because of this.   


SECURITY:  Personal belongings were returned to owners last week.


Wednesday, 10 October:  At 7:00 p.m. a roving guard noticed that a window was left open in one of the MVP CLP org room.  In closing the window the guard found a wallet containing P2,105 cash, assorted cards and USB flash memory.  The wallet was traced to a student.  It was turned over to the Office of Student Affairs the following day.


At 8:00 p.m. roving guards at the college complex found an unattended lunch box & bag at the 3rd floor lobby of Gonzaga Hall.  It contained P2,000 cash and notebooks.  The recovered items were later claimed by a Fine Arts staff who admitted leaving it in the lobby.


Earlier, a coed lost her wallet at De la Costa Hall.  Her wallet was found two hours later in the trash can by LS janitors emptying trash cans with the ID and cards but minus P1,000 cash.


Thursday, 11 October:  At 2:50 p.m. last Thursday, 11 October the PLDT-CTC roving guard found a necklace watch on top of a chair inside Room 204.  It was turned over to the UPPA last Saturday and to the LS ADSA today.


Unlocked Vehicles:  The number of parked vehicles found unlocked with valuables inside (laptops and other personal belongings) in the Loyola Heights campus is fewer this year compared to last year.  However, there was an alarming increase in September.    


Month               Unlocked Vehicles

April 2007                        0

May                                0

June                               5

July                               18

August                          12

September                     27

October                         11 (as of 15 October 2007)

Total                 73


The incidence of crimes generally increases towards December.  All motorists are encouraged to double check their parked vehicles before leaving the parking area.  


Dog Registration:  As of Sunday, 14 October, fifty-two (52) registration forms for pet dogs have been submitted to campus security.  Traps have been set for stray dogs but none has been captured.  The pursuit of stray dogs seems to have driven them off-campus.  There are two stray dogs staying under Rizal Library that are being monitored by campus security.    


TRAFFIC:  At 7:00 p.m. last Friday, 12 October, a northbound van rammed a passenger jeepney near Gate 2.5.  Investigation revealed that the passenger jeepney dropped a passenger past the footbridge without going to the side of the road.  The speeding van from the flyover tried to avoid the U-turn barriers in the area and hit the jeepney.  It was learned that the driver of the van was under the influence of alcohol. 

Taxi service:  A Grade School faculty member is commended for reporting the incident of gate guard asking a "fee" from taxi drivers for calling them on campus.  The incident was reported last Thursday, 11 October after the taxi driver complained that the guard asked him for cigarette money last Tuesday, 9 October.  The following day, the faculty member asked another taxi driver and the driver said that he was asked for cigarette money.  The faculty member was able to identify the guard.  The concerned guard is newly assigned to the Ateneo and has already been called by the security agency for investigation and appropriate action.


Gate guards are not authorized to collect a "service fee" for calling a taxi for the community.  All are requested to immediately report similar incidents to: uppa at admu.edu.ph   


MAINTENANCE:  The break in bad weather allowed repairs on campus roads over the weekend.  Repairs were done at Gate 2 and at the diversion road.

The JSA grounds maintenance contractor's program of tree pruning and trimming is a year-round project.  This activity has been intensified in the last few weeks.


The JSA ground maintenance crew trimming trees along Fr. Masterson Drive last Friday, 12 October.  The amount of tree branches collected for the campus compost pit at the Norwest Carpark.










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