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Tue Nov 20 14:38:21 PHT 2007

Dear Friends,

Good day to you and an Advanced Merry Christmas!!! :)

Its less than 40 days to Christmas and most of us are now thinking of what
we can give to our family and friends. For those who are having a hard time
thinking of what meaningful gifts they can give this Christmas Season, here
are some suggestions:

a.) *The Gift of HOPE* - In the midst of the numerous problems that face our
country today, there is still much that we can Hope for and thus, the Ateneo
de Manila-School of Government is selling a desktop Calendar of Hope for
2008 which features 12 inspiring Filipino leaders that give Hope to all of
us. These Filipino leaders go beyond themselves to serve the most
marginalized sectors of our society and to show all of us that indeed the
Filipino  Spirit can still rise up in these seemingly hopeless situation.
Some of the people featured in this Calendar of Hope include Dr. Nina Yuson
of Museo Pambata, Rina Lopez-Bautista of Knowledge Channel and James Auste
of the Cancer Warriors Foundation. *Each Calendar of Hope is being sold for
only P 120.00.* To see the designs of the Calendar, you can visit
http://ylse.multiply.com/photos/album/1 . For your inquiries and orders,
please email Reese Fernandez at reesefernandez at yahoo.com or you can call her
at (02) 426-5657.

b.) *The Gift of Education - *We all know for a fact that there are so many
poor but deserving students who are more than capable to finish their
college education but only lack enough resources and opportunities. Pathways
to Higher Education-Philippines tries to address that by identifying these
students from the public high schools and providing them with access to
resources and opportunities that will allow them to enter top notch colleges
and universities and help them finish their education. By having a good
education, they will have better lives and break the Poverty cycle in their
family. *This Christmas, Pathways brings back its famous Pathways Coffee
Pack (containing Benguet Coffee and a Mug), this coffee pack sells for only
P 150.00 and proceeds will help send poor but deserving students to school.
*More importantly, the Benguet coffee is really good! For inquiries and
orders, you may contact the Pathways office at (02) 920-0153 or you can
email Ira Tamis at itamis at ateneo.edu  .

c.) *The Gift of Reading* - Did you know that more than 20% of our public
high school students do not know how to read? One of the major reasons is
that our public schools severely lack books and libraries. Thus, AHON
Foundation has come up with a way for you to get involved this Christmas in
bringing books to the lives of our public school students. By buying an AHON
Foundation Christmas Card you get to help donate a set of storybooks and
reference books to an impoverished public elementary school library. You can
give these cards to your family and friends and inside the card it tells
them that you made a donation under their name this Christmas. *You can buy
these AHON Christmas cards at the following prices: P 100, P 300 and P 500.
*To see the designs of these AHON Christmas Cards, you can visit the AHON
Foundation website at www.ahonfoundation.blogspot.com . For inquiries and
orders, you can call Donna Odra or Cecille Bautista at (02) 683-0262 local
109 or you can email them at ahonfoundation at gmail.com

Hope you will consider giving these meaningful gifts this Christmas! Please
help us by sending this email to your friends or posting this at your blog

Thank you very much for your time and may you have a blessed Christmas!


Harvey S. Keh
Email: harveykeh at gmail.com
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