[Blueboard] Chemistry Seminar: Health and Dietary Fat: A Paradigm Shift?

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Chemistry Department Seminar

"Health and Dietary Fat: A Paradigm Shift?"

Dr. Victor C. Gavino
Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine
University of Montréal

November 20, 2007, Tuesday; 4:30 p.m.
Department of Chemistry, Schmitt Hall CH 109

The cholesterol/heart disease paradigm that emerged in the 1960s remains
the principal driving element in formulating health policy globally.
This paradigm associates saturated fat with chronic disease, particularly
the constellation of maladies associated with cardiovascular disease.
Consequently, there has been a significant decrease over the years in the
market share of edible tropical oils, including coconut oil.
In light of recent discoveries in fat biochemistry and metabolism, there
is reason to take a second look at the old paradigm.  The physiological
role/effect of saturated fat appears to be more complex than once
thought, and not consistently deleterious to health as has been so far
taken for granted.
This seminar examines these issues and proposes a paradigm shift where
saturated fat, such as supplied by coconut oil, plays a positive role in
the promotion of health.

Dr. Gavino graduated B.S. Chemistry from UP Diliman (1973), MSc Food
Science from University of Minnesota (1977) and PhD in Physiological
Chemistry from the Ohio State University (1981). His research interests
include lipid chemistry and biochemistry; enzyme kinetics and
mathematical modeling; analytical techniques in food analysis; and
nutrition. He is currently a Full Professor at the University of

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