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Monday, 5 November 2007


The Situation Report of 5 November 2007, with relevant photos, is posted at 

 It may also be downloaded as a Word file from http://www.ateneo.edu/upp/sitrep_doc/Sitrep_051107.doc


POWER:  The back-up power generators were tested again last Saturday morning, 3 November for the 2nd semester registration today.  Two of the five generators in the college complex could not be activated.  For the first time in five years, the PLDT-CTC/JGSOM generator malfunctioned.  The main breaker failed to operate so that power could not be supplied to the two buildings in case of a power outage.  The problem was traced to a defective 3.9 Volts AA battery.

  1.. The PLDT-CTC/JGSOM 625 KVA generator is the biggest in the Loyola Heights campus.
  2.. Control panel where the generator main breaker is located.
  3.. The P1,400 Lithium AA 3.9 volts battery compared to a regular AA 1.5 volts battery.
  4.. Scrap wood inside the PLDT-CTC generator room with the fire extinguisher.  The scrap lumber should not be there and will be removed.

The other generator that could not be activated was the De la Costa/Social Science generator.  Diesel oil was found below the tank and there was apprehension that the fuel tank had a leak.  The tank was thorough cleaned and inspected. As it turned out, the tank was filled beyond capacity and the diesel overflowed to the floor.

    De la Costa/Social Science generator behind the De la Costa Hall.  The diesel found below the tank was traced to come from the "breather" for excess pressure that spilled on to the floor.  


Both generators were certified operational on Saturday afternoon but were still tested with load Sunday morning.  Both are now online.


COMMUNICATION:  The revised APS PABX directory can be viewed at:  

                                                Ateneo Professional Schools:  http://www.admu.edu.ph/index.php?p=120&type=2&sec=26&aid=3666


WATER:  Campus security reported a waterline leak near the Department of Communication Building along Seminary Drive last Saturday evening, 3 November.  University Physical Plant inspected the place and found a holed in the polyethylene (black) line supplying water to Arrupe International Residence (AIR).  This old line needs to be replaced.

    University Physical Plant personnel trouble shooting the leaking water distribution line.  The leak was patched up but the line will be replaced.


The schedule of cleaning of cisterns and overhead tanks is shown below:


3 Nov - Saturday

7:00 am     MVP Cistern.

4:00 pm     MVP and SEC A overhead tanks 

 4 Nov - Sunday

7:00 am     Main Cistern

 5 Nov - Monday

7:00 am     Alingal OIP, Alingal and Pollock overhead tank and Faculty housing cistern

4:00 pm     SDC Cistern

 6 Nov - Tuesday

7:00 am     Matteo Ricci Cistern

 7 Nov - Wednesday

7:00 am     Loyola House of Studies overhead tank A&B

4:00 pm     Grade School Cistern

 8 Nov - Thursday

7:00 am     LST overhead tank

4:00 pm     Grade 4 overhead tank

 9 Nov - Friday

4:00 pm     Loyola Schools/Xavier Hall cistern

 10 Nov - Saturday

7:00 am     EAPI Cistern

 11 Nov - Sunday

7:00 am     APS Salcedo and Rockwell cisterns and overhead tanks

 18 Nov - Sunday

            7:00 am     Eliazo & Cervini cisterns


After cleaning the Main cistern yesterday, 4 November University Physical Plant personnel found the gate valve to be defective and replaced it.  While refilling the cistern with water, they found oil leaking from the transfer pump motor.  They switched to the back-up pump motor but could not start it.  The back up pump motor was activated early this morning and it is now operating.

    The Main cistern is the biggest cistern on the Loyola Heights campus with a capacity of 120,000 gallons or 254.25 cubic meters of water.  It is located between Eliazo Residence Halls and Loyola House of Studies.  University Physical Plant personnel are making repairs. 

SECURITY:  Loyola School of Theology personnel reported to campus security that the brass covers of the Siamese twin pipe for Fire Department connection were stolen last 17 October.  Brass sold as junk commands a high price and is popular with scavengers.

Adopted stray cats and dog:  

Two Loyola Schools faculty members adopted stray cats captured on campus last Wednesday, 31 October.  The stray dog captured two weeks ago was also adopted by one of the guards and is now gaining weight at his residence.


Recovered:  A dormer left his laptop bag containing a cellular phone, calculator, assorted books and documents with his sun glasses in a taxi at 5:45 p.m. last Saturday, 3 November.  He informed the guard at the dorm who in turned notified the gate guards.  The taxi was intercepted but the driver denied having it.  The guard insisted on inspecting the taxi and found the bag inside. 

    SG NARCISO R MERANA shown returning the laptop bag of a dormer recovered from a taxi last Saturday evening, 3 November.


TRAFFIC:  At 5:20 p.m. Friday, 2 November a taxi picked up a passenger near Burgundy Plaza and dashed to make a U-turn under the footbridge near Gate 2.5.  As expected, he was hit by a southbound van going to the flyover.  Both vehicles were damaged but there were no injuries.  Clearly the taxi was at fault.  The community is cautioned to be very careful when approaching the area as irresponsible drivers attempt to make an illegal U-turn from the service road in this area.

MAINTENANCE:  Road repairs and improvement were done during the term break at the Loyola Heights campus.

    Widening of the entrance/exit ramp leading to the diversion road (parallel to Katipunan from Gate 2 to Gate 3).

    Repainting of road humps and pedestrian lanes.

    Repainting of lane dividers and traffic direction markers.

    The widened entrance/exit ramp from University Road to the diversion road (parallel to Katipunan from Gate 2 to Gate 3)








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