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Thu May 10 09:33:35 PHT 2007

"Humble and trusting prayers 
are needed to safeguard 
the sanctity of the ballot 
and of the entire electoral process” 
(CBCP Pastoral Exhortation)

Let us gather
as a community of faith 
on the eve of election day
to pray for a
"clean, honest, accurate, 
meaningful and peaceful" elections.

13 May 2007, Sunday,
6:00 PM, Church of the Gesu
Presider and Homilist: Rev. Fr. Jose Magadia, SJ


Working and praying for honest, orderly and peaceful elections

(Note: A Pastoral exhortation issued on April 24, 2007 by Archbishop Angel N. 
Lagdameo, president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.)
“The church values the democratic system inasmuch as it ensures the 
participation of the citizens in making political choices, guarantees to the 
governed the possibility of both electing and holding accountable those who 
govern them
” —John Paul II (Centessimus Annus, #46)

As we approach once again the critical moment of our national election on May 
14, let us meet the new crossroads in our history with our best efforts to 
make it an honest, orderly and peaceful election. Being in a democracy, this 
is the Covenant of Hope that we are all enjoined to give for our country’s 

To ensure credible results from the coming election, we call on everyone in 
the church and in civil society and on all participating groups and parties to 
champion the cause of democratic election y ensuring it to be clean, honest, 
accurate, meaningful and peaceful.

We must disapprove, reject and condemn as immoral all acts of violence and 
cheating, including the evil of “vote padding and shaving” (“dagdag-bawas”) in 
favor of or against any candidate. Let both candidates and their supporters 
face the judgment of democratic election with humility and magnanimity.

We exhort everyone to be vigilant, to pray and to offer penance for this 
intention. Let us accompany with extreme vigilance and prayer the crucial 
period of campaigning, voters’ education, transporting of election 
paraphernalia, poll-watching, and very especially, the canvassing and 
reporting of the votes. May the hand of God stop evil from getting in control. 
We need the Lord’s help, without which our best efforts will come to nothing. 
Thus, we urge everyone to invoke the grace of the Holy Spirit to guide out 
people in this electoral exercise for the renewal of our country towards 
genuine common good.

We want this exhortation to reach every Filipino. Let us be one in prayer, 
penance and vigilance. In a particular way, we request the prayers of our 
contemplative men and women in the monasteries; there are more than a hundred 
of such monasteries all over the country. As they kneel before the Most 
Blessed Sacrament, we request them to pray for our country — especially for 
all voters, candidates, and election officials/workers.

Let our prayer also accompany the work of the PPCRV and NAMFREL, the COMELEC 
and the thousands of teachers in the field, the social action ministries of 
CBCP-NASSA, LENTE ((Legal Network for Truthful Elections), as well as the 
assistance of the AFP and PNP, and of the hundreds of religious organizations 
and civil society groups — all hoping and championing the cause of credible 

We strongly recommend that the parishes organize holy hours of prayer vigils 
in their churches or chapels for these intentions, between May 5 and May 14, 
with the help of the Apostleship of Prayer and other religious organizations. 
We likewise encourage the Basic Ecclesial Communities to do the same in their 
centers. Humble and trusting prayers are needed to safeguard the sanctity of 
the ballot and of the entire electoral process.

May our Blessed Mother Mary, the Mediatrix of all grace, and our guardian St. 
Joseph, the model of honest and prayerful work, intercede for our beloved 
country as we face a new transition in our history.

Archbishop of Jaro
President, Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines
April 24, 2007

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