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Peace in Christ.


Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan, a non-partisan Church-based organization aims for a Filipino nation that celebrates love of country and genuine democracy in the spirit of faith that does justice. We create ways to foster participation and vigilance among Filipino citizens in the socio-political and economic affairs of the state.


Guided by the Gospel values, we commit to the promotion of responsible citizenship through advocacies, values education, socio-political integration, popular conscientization and bridge building. We also strive for the pursuit of truth through research information dissemination, social analysis, discernment and dialogue, and vigilant action respectful of democratic institutions. Lastly, we aim for the evangelization of culture through revitalization of hope and empowerment. 


To concretize the SLB vision and mission, we currently have numerous projects to foster the continuing maturity among the Filipinos and to provide them an arena where they can share and live their passion and skills for the country to progress.


Now that the 2007 National Elections is drawing near, SLB has been able to create programs that cultivate awareness, projects that omit the existing apathy and plans that will drive and motivate our fellow Filipinos to strive towards a better country. 


First on the list is SLB's Pinoy Voter's Academy: Ang Drama sa Likod ng Halalan, a participative process of political education leading to action-planning by local communities and is geared towards authentic people empowerment and citizenship participation through effective monitoring of elected public servants. The success of the PVA can be seen from the continuous requests received by SLB from all over the country. SLB continues to conduct PVA on a nationwide scale with Jesuit scholastics strategically assigned in various regions.


Effectively monitoring of elected public servants now comes in the form of the SLB's Bantay Pangako, a community organizing program which is a mechanism for communities to set their own agenda, choose their candidates and hold politicians accountable after the elections. It also builds on the covenant signing process of the PVA and develops mechanism to monitor campaign promises after elections. Pilot areas are communities from Payatas, Marikina, Nueva Ecija and Quezon City.


SLB, together with various sectors of the Ateneo Jesuit Community and other committed Church-related groups answered to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines for active involvement of the citizenry in this year's elections to ensure credible and peaceful proceedings by launching the flagship program called V-ForCE also known as 1 Million Volunteers for Clean Elections. V-ForCE is a call to political engagement in the coming elections, utilizing volunteerism by gathering 1,000,000 volunteers and coordinated action from the people to alleviate prevalent problems of social distrust on political processes. It also provided necessary short and long term planning for developing democratic institutions focusing on the coming May elections and future political activities.  And lastly, it presents a menu of options for non-partisan involvement as a way to recruit volunteers, as well as to show a clear picture of the significance and cooperation by different social and Church-related groups (PPCRV, CBCP-NASSA, NAMFREL, parishes and schools). Plans for electoral monitoring come in three main projects namely, Poll Watch 2007 (Bantay Presinto); Citizens Parallel Vote Count (Bantay Bilang); and the monitoring of canvassing process to be led by the Legal Network for Truthful Elections (Lente/Bantay Canvass). SLB is currently serving as Secretariat for V-ForCE.


Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan, in cooperation with Life Academy and PLDT also initiated Gabay Halalan 101-49, an election call center which aims to provide free, accessible, relevant, and unbiased information regarding the upcoming elections to Filipino voters in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and OFWs on demand from friendly tele-educators. Significantly, it also dreams to promote active citizenship by providing Filipinos an opportunity to be involved in the national elections. Gabay Halalan 101-49 provides election information such as Ways on How to Vote, Candidate's Profiles, Information for OFWs, Party-list information, Local elections information, How to Volunteer for the elections, Where they can get election materials, Legal Assistance and helping them locate their precincts.


Elections or not, Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan continuously disseminate political information that updates our fellow Filipinos regarding socio-political issues happening in the country. Projects such as Kwentong Bayan (National Situationer); SLB Newsbriefs which are released twice a day and can be seen in SLB's official website www.slb.ph; SiLBi, the official publication of SLB featuring socio-political and economic analysis; May Kwenta ba ang Kwento? (Discernment and Dialogue Session); and Tutok Karapatan Exhibit (Human Rights) which is to be conducted June 12 of the same year. SLB also updated its multiply site www.simbahanglingkod.multiply.com which features reports, articles, laws, and election-related materials which can be freely accessed by anyone.


We  are also currently conducting our very own election survey, The Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan's 2007 National Elections Online Survey, where we aim to identify the growing voter's maturity, their preferences when voting for a candidate and their very own Top 12 and Worst 12 Senatorial Candidates. We are also currently receiving comments regarding the current political events and candidates. 


Driven by our desire towards the evangelization of our culture, SLB initiated CGE (Citizenship for Good Example) which aims to develop good citizenship among Filipinos by volunteering and continually updating and making them aware regarding the current status of our country. Projects such as Indie-Rock Advocacy for Responsible Citizenship, Movement of Good Example Networks, SLB citizenship By Good Example formation plan, Audio CDs to be launched June 12 and lastly a weekly SLB-Radio Veritas 846 Program every Saturday 11:00 AM to 12 PM which tackles important, essential, and controversial issues regarding the current political status of the country. SLB is also planning to start SuKi (Susi ng ating Kinabukasan) to be launched with CGE and Asin at Ilaw (Catholic Social Teaching) which were already conducted for the big network of the Archdiocesan Youth Organization of Manila.


The growing network and the continuous success of SLB is also apparent through several features and interviews in the PROBE Team, the PCIJ, ANC Debates, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Radio Veritas, RPN 9, GMANews.tv, Intersect, and DZBB to name a few.


In the past, SLB has been supported greatly by private corporations, individuals, families, and friends in carrying out its mission of forming a Filipino culture according to the Christian principles of Faith and Justice. Their contributions allowed our people to reach barangays,  parishes and barrios in various cities and provinces to conduct appropriate seminars, consultations, and training.


We would like you to partake in our continuous effort towards a Filipino nation that celebrates love of country, a country united against bad ideals, a citizenship of responsibility always ready to play a role for the sake of the country. We pray for your involvement in building a better and more authentically Christian Philippines through your support of SLB. You can help in various ways.


You can give check donations by depositing to our BPI account under the name "Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan" (account numbers 3081-1111-61 for peso donations and 3084-0420-12 for dollar donations). You may also send your donations to our office located at the Loyola House of Studies, Ateneo De Manila University. You can help in promoting Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan together with our programs by disseminating this letter to your networks such as parishes, schools, friends and even your own family.


Finally and more importantly, we want you to volunteer in any of our projects. We need more people to partake and play a role in this forthcoming 2007 National Elections. Please feel free to communicate with us your prayer requests as this is our best way of extending to you our deepest gratitude.


On behalf of the people behind Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan, thank you and God Bless!


Should you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us:


Toll Free 101-49   Operational: May 1 to 15   9 am - 9 pm

SLB Hotline: 0922-8600-SLB (0922-8600-752)

Landlines: 426-6101 loc. 3440 / 3441

Telefax: 426-5968

Email: slb at admu.edu.ph

Web: www.slb.ph





Manalangin. Manindigan. Makialam.


Simbahang Lingkod ng Bayan

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