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                   Economic and Political Briefing

The 2007 Elections: Seizing Opportunities for Long Term Economic and
Political Change

Wednesday, 21 February 2007, 8:30am-12:00nn

Veritas Hall, 4th Floor Ateneo Professional Schools, Rockwell

As we head into election season, we wait in anticipation and concern. 
Aware that the forthcoming elections can bring additional threats and
opportunities to the usual array of challenges that the country now faces,
we ask:

How will election --related activities -- whether legitimate or otherwise
-- and possible election outcomes affect the current state of Philippine
economy and politics?

How can we seize the opportunities that the elections will present,
especially in ensuring long-term economic and political change for the

Our Eagle Watch briefing this first quarter of 2007 will  provide a venue
for addressing these questions, jointly by our economic and political
experts and by an  audience composed of businessmen, economists, media and
other prominent representatives of academe, government and non-government
sectors who always choose to be involved  and engaged in efforts to
uplift the country's welfare.

On the economic front, we will provide a synthesis of last year's economic
performance as well as the outlook for 2007 and beyond.  We will identify
which among the more recent positive economic developments are within our
control and hence can be sustained or improved,   and which are beyond
Filipinos' control and should therefore be regarded with vigilance.

On the political front, we will evaluate why the forthcoming elections is
a crucial  political event that can determine the future of our country
and why it is important to be engaged, watchful and prepared to resist
events that may undermine the  integrity of this important exercise.

Speakers :   Cielito F. Habito, Ph.D.
             Director, Ateneo Center for Economic Research  and
             Development (ACERD)
             Professor,Department of Economics, Ateneo de Manila

             Benjamin T. Tolosa Jr., Ph.D.
             Chair, Department of Political Science, Ateneo de Manila

             Mr. Mario Taguiwalo
             President, National Institute for Policy Studies

Moderator:   Luis F. Dumlao, Ph.D.
             Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Ateneo de
             Manila University

Briefing Fee is at P2,500 per person (inclusive of lunch and briefing
materials). Avail of our Early Bird 10% discount until February 10, 2007.
For the Ateneo Community, briefing fee is 30% less or at P1,750 per

To register, please call Joannie Tongol or Majen Tong at 426-6001 loc
4640 or 929-7035 or (email jtongol at gmail.com / majen83 at gmail.com ).


   The Economics Department through its research group, the Ateneo Center
for Economic Research and Development (ACERD), has been conducting
quarterly macroeconomic briefings since early 2002.  These briefings were
mainly economic in nature -- basically an assessment of the performance of
the economy (GNP, GDP, other economic indicators, based on latest results)
-- and a forecast /economic outlook for the medium-term based on the
Ateneo Macroeconomic Forecasting Model (AMFM) which ACERD had developed.
The AMFM is the only operational full macroeconomic model of the
Philippine economy outside of the NEDA-PIDS model being used by the

   Beginning in September 2003, the Ateneo Economics Department and ACERD
partnered with the Ateneo Political Science Department and expanded the
briefing to include an assessment of the country's political situation.
This is in recognition of the fact that a sound economic analysis can
only be made more complete if seen in the light of the political events
happening in the country.

   Since then, the briefing has been called Eagle Watch and has provided
sound economic and political analysis to businessmen, economists, media
and other prominent representatives of academe, government and
non-government sectors.

Brought to you by:
Ateneo Economics Department
Ateneo Center for Economic Research and Development (ACERD)
Ateneo Political Science Department

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