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Please repost. I failed to indicate the time of the talk in my previous
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           The Contemporary Political Theory Class (PoS 61 B)
                       and the Ateneo HPAIR Union

          cordially invite you to a talk by Bobby Benedicto on

                       THE HAUNTING OF GAY MANILA:
             Global Space-Time and the Specter of Kabaklaan

                   Wednesday, January 31, 2007, 4:30 p.m.
           Conference Room 4, 2nd Floor, Institute of Social Order

This presentation is part of a broader autoethnographic project which
seeks to examine the intersections of Filipinoness and gayness in the
context of globalization, looking specifically at how dromology (the
logic of speed) produces dreams of belonging in gay globality and how
such dreams are ruptured in travel, through the subject's encounter with
his own difference, his raced-ness. In this presentation, I focus
specifically on the spectral relationship between gayness and kabaklaan,
examining how 'gay' Manila attempts to re-locate itself spatially and
temporally into the 'now' of the global present through the conflation of
'local' representations of homosexuality with the past/home. I want to
tease out how emplaced class/gender/racial hierarchies condition the
im/possibilities for recuperating kabaklaan in the midst of gay modernity
and how Manila's very distance from the centers of 'Western' gayness
enables the policing of the borders between bakla and gay. This
reification is grounded on the embeddedness of Manila's gay culture in
efforts to efface the classed and gendered contents of local
representations of homosexuality, an erasure which is accomplished
through the recasting of gayness as part of the global present and the
violent rewriting of kabaklaan as anachronistic. It is in this sense that
I hope to stress the instability of gayness, particularly by looking at
the anxieties which are engendered by its appropriation and exhibited by
the need to continuously discipline and exorcise apparitions of
kabaklaan. The project hopes to combine notions of acceleration and
spectrality in order to understand the persistent desire for (global)
sameness which underpins the uneasy production of hybrid sexual subjects
in Manila.

Bobby Benedicto is a Ph.D. Candidate in English with Cultural Studies at
the University of Melbourne. He completed his A.B. in Political Science
(magna cum laude) at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2004 and the MA
in Politics at York University (Toronto, Canada) in 2005. President of
the Ateneo Debate Society from 2002 to 2004, he won the National, the
Asian, the Australasian ESL, and the World ESL Championships. Prior to
embarking on his PhD, Bobby taught courses on Feminist and Poststructural
International Relations, Sexual Politics, and Epistemological Issues in
Global Politics with the Political Science Department.

Resto S. Cruz I
Department of Political Science / Development Studies Program
Ateneo de Manila University

T: +63(2)4266001 loc 5250
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