[Blueboard] Scheduling of Vacation Leave (revised memo)

personnel at admu.edu.ph personnel at admu.edu.ph
Thu Jan 25 08:55:15 PHT 2007

25 January 2007

MEMO TO:  Administrators, Professionals, Office and Maintenance Staff

F R O M:  Personnel Director

SUBJECT:  Scheduling of Vacation Leave

The University entitles all employees to vacation leave of 15 working days per 
fiscal year.  Employees are encouraged to take at least 5 continuous vacation 
leave days to enable them to rest and recover from work.  The rest of the 
fifteen days vacation leave entitlement maybe taken piece meal throughout the 
year depending on the preference of the employee and the needs of the service.

By copy of this memo, supervisors and unit heads are requested to ensure that 
their subordinates make use of their vacation leave entitlement for fiscal year 
2005-2006.  At the very least, 10 days should be used before the end of this 
fiscal year.

Please be guided accordingly.

Personnel Director


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