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      Schedule of Student Activities for the Month of January 2007 
      ASG: AGHAMUNTI Get Together Session  3-Jan-07 Colayco Pavilion 
      MECO: General Assembly 2 6-Jan-07 College Covered Courts 
      MISA: FreshMEAT Party 12-Jan-07 Outside Ateneo 
      MISA: Misa Icon  19-Jan-07 Philippine Stock Exchange Auditorium  
      COSA: Umbrella Party Series - The Element  Jan . 13-27, 07 Greenbelt, Makati 
      AEA: Nitro  19-Jan-07 C3 Events Place 
      ENTABLADO: Damgo: Tatlong Gabi ng Panaginip sa Musika  Jan. 25, 26,27, 07 Gweilo's Eastwood, Libis  
      AMA: Rendezvous: Blackout  27-Jan-07 Rockwell Tent Makati 
      SOA: SOAc na SOAc tournament Jan. 10-26, 07 College Covered Courts  
      MISA: BasketBAL  Jan. 15-19, 07 College Covered Courts  
      LM: Carera Loyola 2006 19-Jan-07 Ateneo Campus 
      AMS Sportsfest 20-Jan-07 College Covered Courts 
      TUGON: Sports Day  20-Jan-07 Laura Vicuña 
      ACMG: Sports Fest 27-Jan-07 San Jose Seminary Covered Courts  
      MECO: MEcOJT Application Assistance Project  19-Jan-06 Ching Tan Room 
      ASG: AGHAMUNTI 20-Jan-07 Ateneo Classrooms 
      SPEED: Saturday Specials  Jan. 20 - Mar.3, 2007 Cervini Recreation Room 
      AMA: ID Picture Booth - Job Fair  Jan. 22-26 TBA 
      KAINGIN Babad Na! Kaingin Mini-Immersion 20-Jan-07 SOM 111, Kaingin Dos, Marikina Heights 
      SANGGU: SOSE: The IT Project  27-Jan-07 TBA 
      MUSMOS: Weeklly Apostoate Area - Cubao Every Saturday, starting June 24 Stella Maris, Cubao 
      ALEX: Balik Laya Prison Service Program  - Pag-asa sa Paglaya: Lighting the Path of Inmates for a New Life  yearlong starting Aug.27 Ateneo  
      MUSMOS: Katipunan Apostolate Areas Every Saturday until Mar. 10, 2007 Marytown Plaza, Katipunan  
      AMA: Entrepreneurial Challenge 4: Fashion Makeover Jan.3-27 Rockwel Tent 
      AMS: Bridge All The Way Jan. 19 & 26 (eliminations) & Feb. 2 (Finals) CTC 102 
      ACTM: CCC - The Comtech Corporate Challenge  Jan.20 (contest); Jan 22-26 (gallery); Jan. 27 (Awarding)  SECLEC 1&2, FAVR, SSAVR, Colayco Pavilion, Matteo Ricci 2nd floor, CTC 2nd Floor 
      AMS: Mathsaya Jan. 20,27, 07 Escaler Hall or CTC 105 
      MEA: Interorgs Kwelaoke Jan.23  & 26 Ching Tan Room 
      LEAPS: Physiklaban 2007 - The 1st Annual Inter-University Physics Contest 27-Jan-07 Faura AVR, F116, F304, K304 & MVP Basement (Final Round) 
      ACTM: Numina - "I" Definition: Define Yourself  27-Jan-07 Rockwell 
      AMA: Entrepreneurial Challenge: Who will be the Next Entrecorps? Year Long  N/A 
      ALEX: Balik Laya Prison Service Program - Plastic Cup Raising  Year long ; Culminating Activity Dec. 17 Along Katipunan 
      ATSCA: Induction Recollection  6-Jan-07 Notre Dame de Vie Retreat House, Novaliches, Quezon City 
      MISA: Minor Food Sale - Nacho King  Jan. 8-12 SEC Field  
      ENTABLADO: Minor Food Sale - Red Brick Pizza Jan.15-19 SEC Field  
      TA: Sponsor Food Sale -  El Bonitos (for TA's The Glass Menagerie Play) Jan. 22-24 SEC Field  
      MISA: Minor Food Sale - Cello's Doughnuts Jan. 22-26 SEC Field  
      Musmos:Minor Food Sale Jan. 29-Feb.2 SEC Field  
      MECO: Sponsor Food Sale - El Bonitos (for Meco Blue Bazaar) Jan. 29-31, 07 SEC Field 
      MEA:Interorg Department Ice Cream Sale  Jan.29 - Feb 2, 2007 SEC Field  
      ACHES: Kimikainan - Major Food Sale - Anna's Catering  Jan. 8-12 SEC Field 
      ALEX: Major Food Sale  Jan. 22-26 SEC Field 
      ACTM: Major Food Sale - The ACTM Food Sale  Jan.29-Feb. 2, 07 SEC Field  
      ATSCA: Rummage Sale  14-Jan-07 Marytown, Loyola Heights, Quezon City  
      TUGON: Rummage Sale  Jan. 22-26 Kostka Extension 
      ALAC: In Good Company - Team Building Seminar  Jan. 15-19, 07 MVP Rm 207 
      ACMG: Mass Celebration Week  Jan. 22-26, 07 College Chapel  
      COSA & AJMA: Tatak Pinoy - Marketing and Advertising Week 2006 Jan. 22-26, 07 SEC Field  
      AMA: We are Family - Spend the Week with your Family (previously titled AMAlicious) Jan. 22-27, 07 SEC Field, Field at the Back of SOM and CTC, Matteo Ricci Fields C TC 105 and Escaler hall  
      ASEC:Tambay Week  Jan. 29 - Feb. 2, 07  MVP Rm 204 
      ALAC: Caviar Etc 4 Jan. 8-12 SEC Field  
      ACOMM & GUIDON with COMM DEPT. partnership in hosting News Fair for Studio 23's News Central Jan.8-12 MVP Basement, Cervini Field  
      AMA: AMA Entrepreneurial Expo  Jan. 22-26, 07 Matteo Ricci Field & Sec Field  
      Musmos: Food Bazaar Sale  Jan. 22-26, 07 SEC Field  
      ACOMM: Job / Practicum Fair  Jan. 25-26, 2007  Sec Field or Eliazo Field  
      YFC: Heaven Eleven Bazaar Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 07 SEC Field 
      ACIL: National Catechetical Month - Share the Secret -Share the Secret, Spread the Word - An Exhibit Showing Catechesis of ACIL and other SOA Organizations  Jan. 29-Feb. 2, 07 MVP Basement 
      KYTHE: Celebrate Life Party  13-Jan-07 Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC)  
      ATSCA: Marytown Area Mass 14-Jan-07 Marytown Chapel 
      ATSCA: Area Over Night  Jan. 20-21, 2007 Marytown, Park Seven, Kaingin Uno Block Four and Six 
      SPEED: Fieldtrip  27-Jan-07 Museo Pambata 
      KYTHE: Education Program 2007 Jan. 2007 Marikina Public High Schools 
      AMA: Kapit Kamay Water Works Whole duration of year 2006 Payatas 13 
      TA: The Glass Menagerie Jan. 18,19,20,24,25,26,27,31  Rizal Mini Theatre  
      AMA: Entrepreneurial Assembly 4: Fashion Makeover 3-Jan-07 Ching Tan Room 
      AMA: Social Entrpreneurship Challenge (SEC) 2nd Area Visit & Business Plan Seminar 3  Jan.8, 18, & 20 Gawad Kalinga, Payatas, Kostka Rm 301 
      ALAC: Flamenco's ABC Jan. 6,9,11,12 Colayco Pavilion, College Covered Courts, MVP Roofdeck 
      MATANGLAWIN: National Situationer 10-Jan-07 CTC 105 
      HPAIR: National Conference - Theme: Locating the Filipino in a Globalizing World Jan. 13 & 14, 2007 Escaler Hall  
      MISA: Training Program  Jan. 13 & 20 TBA 
      MISA: IT Training Seminar  Jan. 13,20, 27, 07 Faura 204 & 206 
      AMA: MULAT - Misa Unifying Love and Technology  Jan. 13, 20,27 & Feb. 3, 2007  F227 or F228 
      ESS: Project NEMO Jan. 20-21 Alaminos & Bolinao, Pangasinan 
      AJMA: Leadership Summit  Jan. 20-21; 27-28, Feb. 24-25, 07  Astoria Plaza 
      KAINGIN: Motivating Children - Getting Your Tutee to Listen  26-Jan-07 SOM 111 
      MISA & Compsat - iTech! An IT Conference Relevant to You  27-Jan-07 Henry Lee Irwin Theatre 
      AEA: Youth Union Towards Economic Development (Youth United 2007) Jan. 27-28 Escaler  
      MISA: IT Literacy Training - Step IT up Jan-07 TBA 
      MEA: SLATE LAUNCH - CSRP Department  Jan. 10,11,12, 07 SEC B Foyer 
      HEIGHTS: Book Launch  26-Jan-07 Colayco Pavilion  
      ASEC: Filmshowing ala Cannes Jan. 17-Feb.21, 2007  SS AVR or Escaler Hall 
      HEIGHTS: Poetry Africa - Performance Poetry  5-Jan-07 Ching Tan Room or Escaler Hall or SECLEC A or B.  
      PEERS: Peers Pastry Raffle  Jan. 3-17, 07 N/A 
      MECO: Meco Raffle: Coffee and Bears  Jan.5-Feb.2, 2007 Ateneo 
      ESS: Paper Drive  Jan.20 to March 2007 SEC A & CTC Classrooms  
      PEERS: Open House  10-Jan-07 CSR of SS 
      ALEX: ELEXions 2007 Jan. 22-26, 07 (Campaign), Jan. 29-Feb.2 (Voting) Kostka Extension 
      MECO: Miting de Avance  26-Jan-07 Faura AVR  
      MECO: Elections for SY 07-08 Jan.29-Feb. 2, 07 Kostka Extension 
      MATANGLAWIN: Media Appearance at Y Speak Live  7-Jan-07 Studio 23 
      GUIDON: Media Appearance at Y Speak Live  7-Jan-07 Studio 23 
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